Huff Resolutions

HUFF Resolutions 12/27/17

passed 12/27/17

HUFF supports local tenant demands for a rent freeze, rent stabilization, and a “Just Cause Eviction” ordinance. We demand that SC City Council take immediate action, having heard the Community’s demands in October, ignored Councilmember Krohn’s promise to act on the rent freeze in November and again passed over by the Terrazas Council in December.

HUFF denounces the bombings and human rights violations occurring in Yemen and that the United States’ sole role should be providing humanitarian relief and stop all military support for Saudi Arabia’s brutal bombing campaign.

HUFF calls for Chief Mills and P & R boss Garcia waive enforcement of “sealed container” provisions which particularly impacts those with no homes and maintain the voters’’ Measure K "lowest enforcement of marijuana" initiative passed by Santa Cruz voters.

HUFF Resolution Against Vehicular Habitation Ban in Palo Alto

passed 7-31-13

HUFF has met & discussed the proposed MC 9.06.010 "Living in Vehicles" ordinance which will be on the Palo Alto City Council's Monday, August 5th agenda. Under this ordinance, what constitutes illegal behavior is defined as follows:

For purposes of this section, “human habitation” means the use of a vehicle for a dwelling place, including but not limited to, sleeping, eating or resting, either single or in groups...

HUFF finds this to be an overly-broad definition of illegal behavior which could be practiced by nearly every citizen of Palo Alto at some point or other, but is likely to be selectively enforced against poor, houseless, disabled, or people of color.

The only remedy is punishment by fine or jail. In the former, this will only drive an already impoverished individual into deeper poverty and in the latter will overburden our already overburdened justice system adding to the already record levels of those incarcerated at huge public expense for little value in return. Can you really use your government power of citation, arrest, fines or jail to dissuade people from sleeping, eating, or resting? Why would you want to?

Finally, since a housed person who eats, sleeps, or rests in his/her vehicle is not "dwelling" in their vehicle, these activities by definition are intended to be enforced differently against homeless people than against housed people who engage in the exact same behavior. This makes your ordinance unconstitutional on its face.

For these and other reasons HUFF passed the following resolution:

HUFF opposes passage of the Living in Vehicles ordinance as overly broad, not providing alternatives, adding to the criminalization of the homeless by trying to solve complex economic problems with the stroke of the pen.

Three Dead in Santa Cruz

passed 2-27-13

HUFF extends our deepest condolences to the family, friends, and co-workers of Det. Elizabeth Butler, Sgt. Loran "Butchie" Baker, and Santa Cruz resident and Marine Veteran, Jeremy Goulet, who were shot and killed on Feb. 26th in an incident which is still under investigation. We urge calm and restraint and the hope that law enforcement will not use this incident as a rationale to express increased hostility towards homeless people who have no other option than to remain in public spaces.

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