Come huddle with HUFF and its twice monthly “Loose Cannon” Meet-Up at Sub Rosa Cafe 703 Pacific next to the Bike Church Thursday May 16, 2024

Some of the HUFF Ruf Agenda Suggestions for 5-16-24                                `  Standard Stuff: Procedures and Preliminaries

++++   Timekeeper (10 minutes per item)  Hand-raisin’ courtesies, Chair rotation  

++++   Passarounds & Handouts: Proposed UCSC Gaza Encampment Support Resolution  

++++   Announcements: TBA                                               

Upcoming Events

++++    Continuing protest against the War in Gaza at the student encampment at Quarry Plaza

++++    Palestine Solidarity protest – support the UCSC student encampment Thursday, May 16, 2024    4:30 PM – 5:30 PM  Organizer/Author:  Allan Fisher   afisher800 [at]    4159542763   corner of Bay and High Streets, Santa Cruz (at entrance to UC Santa Cruz). Banners, signs.

++++    Thursday, 5/16 Santa Cruz County People’s Budget Workshop! … presentation on the budget process, the proposed 2024-25 budget and 5 key demands from our group focusing on investing in care, not cells.  Register on

++++    Friday, May 17, 2024   3:30 PM – 5:30 PM    Subrosa    Black Panther Party and Black Liberation Army Veteran Jalil Muntaqim, a co-founder of the Jericho Movement for Amnesty for Political Prisoners and Prisoners of War, will discuss the Peoples’ Senate

++++   Saturday  5-18 11 AM-12:30 PM Ocean and Water  Stop genocide and support a permanent ceasefire in Gaza now. No more tax dollars for Israel. End the occupation and the apartheid system. Free all hostages and prisoners. 11 am to 12:30 pm every Saturday. Help hold up banners. More info:  call Laura at 831-247-5332.

++++    5-18 10 a.m. Funding Matters $ for Homeless Hoaxers starting at Cathcart/ Cedar.

++++    5-18 7 PM- 9 PM  Free movie  A Thousand Pines Q & A afterwards 612 Ocean St. RCNV

++++    Sunday 5-19  11 AM-2 PM Really Really Free Market  Sub Rosa  

                Gathering Information

++++   Review of post-Harvey West (Fencing) & Coral St. Encampments ++++   Surveillance Camera Location (thru direct inquiry, observation, and public records)

++++   Coral St. Pogonip, & Elsewhere: Contact Info with Survival Campers

                                          Possible Topics for Discussion

++++   UCSC Support for Anti-Genocide Encampment: TEXT OF RESOLUTION ++++   UCSC Gaza Protest,  RV Camp, Town/Gown, recent road takeover ++++   New Info onRatner/Matt, County Homeless Czar (Accountability for $$ spent) as prep &/or End Raids/More Survival Camp Services

++++   Specific Demands? (Stop the Sweeps, Reapportion funding to service existing camps)  

++++  Reports from gov bodies (City Council, Board of Supes, Mental Health Advisory Board)  

++++  Incidents from PovertyPimp Palaces (Housing Matters, Armory) & Service Agencies (MH CAN, Grey Bears, FNB, etc.)   

++++ No Rain Predicted for 10 days                                         

Keeping Tabs: Someday Follow-Up’s  

++++  Patient Advocate George Corvalho for data on numbers of TeleCare psych holds sent out of County last year; Reiss protection against forced drugging procedures posted at TeleCare?  

++++  Updating CARE Court, Conservatorship, LPS protection weakening,   ++++  Direct interviews with Tier 2 RV program users?  Reggie Meisler Report?  Prospects for an in-streets HUFF meeting out on Delaware  

++++  Water accessibility at Harvey West, on Pacific Ave., at city Hall and elsewhere;   

++++  Public Bathrooms; London Nelson Discrimination  Open Bathrooms at Night   

++++  Target Suggestions: City Mangler’s office…Police Station…Coastal Commission… City Hall—City Council meets Tuesday 4-30 1 p.m.  ​/Emeline/TelcCare/Supes                                                

 If enough time and desire  

++++  Possible phone contacts: Laura C. on Recent political updates and incoming videos/complaints at 245-0956; Wes White on Watsonville sweep threat; Helga on Coral St.   

++++  Pro-Palestinian-Homeless Alliance protest info:  

++++  California Supreme Court Ruling: Oral Arguments before the Supreme Court of Wealth Protectors in Grants Pass v.Jackson

++++People can’t be detained just for trying to avoid police                                                

Delayed Net-Show Access

++++ BATHROBESPIERRE’S BROADSIDES NET-RADIO SHOW: After 6 PM Thurs & 9:30 AM Sun go to  click on date