Cool Water and Cookies at the 6-6-24 HUFF meeting at the Sub Rose Cafe Thursday June 6 1:30 PM next to the Bike Church. Main Focus–the Tourist Train Pleasing Demolition of Homeless Survival Camps on Coral St.

HUFF Agenda Suggestions 6-6-24                             

Standard Stuff: Procedures and Preliminaries

++++   Timekeeper (10 minutes per item)  Hand-raisin’ courtesies, Chair rotation  

++++   Passarounds & Handouts: UCSC Gaza Encampment Support Resolutions  

++++   Announcements: TBA  

++++   Reviewing the Coral Street Demolitions—Tourist Train Focus  

++++   Street Reports                                               

Upcoming Events

++++    Anti-Gaza Protests: TBA

++++   Saturday  6-8  11 AM-12:30 PM Ocean and Water  Stop genocide and support a permanent ceasefire in Gaza now. No more tax dollars for Israel. End the occupation and the apartheid system. Free all hostages and prisoners. 11 am to 12:30 pm every Saturday. Help hold up banners. More info:  call Laura at 831-247-5332.

++++   Tuesday June 11 1 p.m. Santa Cruz Shitty Council Meeting City Hall 809 Center St.     

++++   Tuesday June 25 9 AM Board of Supervipers 701 Ocean St. County Building                  

Gathering Information

++++   Coral St.Update—what do they want to do in the shadow of the next sweep?

++++   Surveillance Camera Location (thru direct inquiry, observation, and public records)                                            

Possible Topics for Discussion

++++   Strategies for Organizing and Supporting Survival Encampments on Fern

++++   Anti-Genocide Encampment: Take them text of resolutions.

++++   Tourist Train Strategy & Spectacle

++++   Cooling Center when extreme heat threatens

++++   Specific Demands? (Stop the Sweeps, Reapportion funding to service existing camps)  

++++  Reports from gov bodies (City Council, Board of Supes, Mental Health Advisory Board)  

++++  Budget Report from Shitty Council and Stupes  

++++  Incidents from PovertyPimp Palaces (Housing Matters, Armory) & Service Agencies (MH CAN, Grey Bears, FNB, etc.)   

++++ Cloudy but not rainy for the next 10 days    

 Keeping Tabs: Someday Follow-Up’s   

++++  Target Suggestions: City Mangler’s office…Police Station…Coastal Commission… City Hall—City Council meets Tuesday 4-30 1 p.m.  ​/Emeline/TelcCare/Supes                                                  

If enough time and desire  

++++  Possible phone contacts: Laura C. on Recent political updates and incoming videos/complaints at 245-0956; Wes White on Watsonville sweep threat; Helga on Coral St.   

++++  Pro-Palestinian-Homeless Alliance protest info:

++++People can’t be detained just for trying to avoid police                                                

Delayed Net-Show Access May 30: June 2nd:

++++ To View these BATHROBESPIERRE’S BROADSIDES NET-RADIO SHOWs:  go to  click May 30th or June 2nd.            To Read descriptions of the show, click on above May 30 and June 2nd websites