HUFF glubs in tomorrow at 10:45 AM with coffee and crunchables at the Sub Rosa Cafe on January 12th (Thursday) 2023

HUFF Agenda Prospects 1-12-23:

  ++++  Time keeper; Pass-arounds; street reports

  ++++  Sham Shelter Shenangans—the City plays possum as the disabled get drenched

  ++++  Felton Flatfoot Felonies: Helga Reports   

  ++++   Injunction Lawsuit Prerequisites: Need for warnings, notice, prior property damage, shelter exclusion, absence, or shortage

  ++++  1-11 SC Homeless Union cancelled “Community Action meeting” 5 pm  1-15-23  RCNV side room at 612 Ocean   Keith McHenry’s “Jailed for Serving Food While Ducking the Rain” Court Date Jan 30 8:30 AM

  ++++  Action? : Any ideas for action re: Moneyman Ratner or City Mangler on Winter Shelter Absence, Emergency Shelter Drenching & the pathetic soon-to-end Depot Park mini-Shelter?

  ++++  Updates: Meta, Steve C., wheelchair Steve on Shelter Shit if they or their advocates show up.

 ++++   Posting video of the Benchlands Demolition, Researching the Costs, & adding titles for infovideo  

 ++++   Tabling at Clock, Pogonip, Levee, elsewhere for Lawsuit Pressure and Survival Encampment Network

  ++++  Discussing the “What to Do when a Cop sez Move” flyer  

  ++++  Phone Contact:  Robbie Powelson’s Recent Court Hearing:  Possible Phone Update

  ++++  More phone fun: Rita of Salinas, Joy, Suzanne, Becky  

  ++++  Expanded Ukraine War with More Weapons, No Negotiations: Peace Demos 

  ++++  Benchlands phoning to follow-up contact list?  Callers still wanted.  

  ++++  Shelter copspots & wretched rules—reports?  Watchers wanted!  

  ++++  Updated SC Free Guide: www.santacruz:  Still looking for definitive answers

  ++++  Varied Strategies for Fighting Back:  (Loudmouth Tactics, Self-Starter Legal Options, Contact & Follow-Up, Community Support Gathering, Narrative Corrections Publicly); Laura & Rita:  “Know Your Rights” card progress

    ++++  RV crackdown on Delaware: Reggie M. call  

   ++++  RV Sanctuaries?  Armory, Overlook Camp, Overlook RV Camp, AFC camps: Rules & Reports    

   ++++  Possible Mad Power Committee Report (if any)Report that 5150’s now go directly to Dominican: Conservatorship C.A.R.E. courts, out-of-county deportation, inadequate Reiss protections; Carvalho update, Laura’s Update 

   ++++  Homeless Expenditure Data Cruncher Still Wanted   


  ++++ ” Santa Cruz City Mangler Closes Civic Auditorium Shelter” at

  ++++ ” RV Human Rights Activist Challenges Santa Cruz City Police Violation” at

  ++++ ” Wood Street not just an encampment” at

  ++++  “Many Homeless tough out storm outside” at

  ++++  “S.F. questions ban on clearing tent camps” at