HUFF meets today (Thursday 10-27) Sub Rosa Courtyard next to the Bike Church 703 Pacific 10:45 AM-12:30 p.m. Post-Benchlands–Correcting the Narrative

Lots of info and chatter: free coffee, cookies, and carrots as we cook up a counter-narrative and answers to the City’s lies about shelter/housing availability.   Focus on homeless accounts, civil liberties, and resistance through exposure.  Bring your own ideas and items. 

HUFF Meeting  10-27-22 

Agenda Prospects:

  ++++  Time keeper; Pass-arounds aplenty; street reports  

  ++++  Benchlands Bulldozing Report: Phase 7 on 10-25 and Phase 8 upcoming   

  ++++  Armory Conditions and Concerns: Watcher wanted!

  ++++  Organzing against Demolition: lawsuit, lobbying, protest, and organizational strategies to resist future sweeps: dividing up the sign-up lists.

   ++++  HUFF at UCSC organizing—and report from the video journalists

   ++++  Strategies for Fighting Likely Future Post-Benchland Demolitions (Loudmouth Tactics, Self-Starter Legal Options, Contact & Follow-Up, Community Support Gathering, Narrative Corrections Publicly) 

   ++++  Last City Council Report—if anyone went or watched.

   ++++  Monitoring Homeless Violence & Info Posting Board at FNB: Volunteer?

    ++++  Felton Follies against the groundsleepers; service cutbacks there—a report

   ++++  City Mangler’s Quarterly Report (from 10-25 Council Meeting)

Part 1: (58 minutes into the file)

Part 2: (30 minutes into the file)

   ++++  Eyes to check out Santa Cruz new Overlook RV Camp and state of RV security after OVO defeat at Coastal Commission:   Watcher? 

   ++++  St Louis judge rules against free food distribution:

   ++++  New Footbridge Services Update: Report on FRSC at HUFF archives: (69 minutes into the audio file)

      ++++  Possible Homeless Reports from Sausalito, Sacramento, and elsewhere  

    ++++  Possible Mad Power Committee Report (if any)Conservatorship threats, out-of-county deportation, Reiss protections; Carvalho update, Prepping for the C.A.R.E. courts and the current crushing of crazies.  If our weary researchers have researched

    ++++  Homeless Expenditures—State & City  Watcher?

              November issues of Street Spirit and Street Sheet will be available at the UN Association at 903 Pacific well as at the Sub Rosa Cafe next to the Bike Church or by contacting HUFF at 831-423-4833.