Speak Out Against Chief Mills Latest Anti-Homeless Plan

SCPD Chief Andy Mills and reactionaries on the City Council want to “work around” the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Martin v. Boise decision.

Since they refuse to open up survival encampments or vacant public buildings, police need “tools” to drive unhoused people out of public spaces. Hence the Mills 7-Point Plan…

(1) Banning Tents During the Day,
(2) Making Possession of Syringes a Crime in Public Places,
(3) Declaring Pacific Avenue a “Park” to Allow Police-Initiated Stay-Away Orders,
(4) Criminalizing Bike Repair in Public Places,
(5) Driving Away Vehicular Homes from West Cliff,
(6) Increasing Legal Pressure on Homeless “Crime”,
(7) Shopping Cart Criminalization.
Make comments, get more info, and download flyers at: https://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2020/03/09/18831395.php (Reactionary Riptide Against Homeless Must be Stopped !)
HUFF meets Wednesday noon at the Sub Rosa Cafe.

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