Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Show 1-12-23 is a Flashback from February 12, 2003 featuring the trial of Becky Johnson for political chalking on the sidewalk

In the February 12, 2003 Flashback:

  • Street Interviews: Raymond and Samantha get accosted by Officer Brandt for Open Container and Camping; remarks about Armory Shelter living;
  • Sherry Conable’s account of musician Thomas Siles being driven away by Farmer’s Market “managers”
  • Sometime co-host Jeffrey Gale on his struggle to press Mayor Reilly to use the spacious Civic Center Auditorium for a City Council anti-war vote and to persuade conservative KSCO radio to broadcast the Council meeting on the issue.
  • “Beggarbacker” Becky Johnson on her arrest with Tim Rinker for political protest with erasable chalk on the sidewalk against the anti-homeless Downtown Ordinances.  See also
  • Paleo-Free Radio trailblazer Trailblazer Tom Rebele offers Johnson legal support.
  • Bathrobespierre dissects the draw-and-quartering of the Citizens Police Review Board and its replacement with a coopted Police Auditor