Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Sunday 7-14-24 show features the first Stop the Sweeps protest on the sidewalk next to Mayor “Fast Lane” Fred Keeley’s house + three 1997 Flashbacks featuring San Jose’s Sit-Lie law and local Panhandler Punishment campaign

The Sunday July 14, 2024 show includes:

The Flashback to April 17, 1997 includes:

  • [4-8] Public Testimony at San Jose’s City Council on its anti-homeless Sitting Ban
  • [Satirical songs by Mark Levy from “Take Off Your Clothes to Those You Oppose”] 
  • Bathrobespierre denounces Police Chief Steve Belcher’s deep-sixing citizen Complaints by labeling them minor “Inquiries”, violating his own C-7 internal police directive as well as city and state law.
  • “Katzenjammer” Keith McHenry on SFPD killer cop Mark Andiya still on duty after killing blacks like Aaron Williams + other S.F. cop capers
  • Vandweller Laura Tucker on the “Real Change Not Spare Change” anti-panhandling project
  • Don of the 1988 Vehicular Residents Association and the fight in San Francisco for survival
  • Palo Alto Human Relations Commission activist on organizing directly with a sit-in against the Sit-Lie Ordinance

The Flashback to April 20, 1997 includes:

  •  Bathrobespierre’s Santa Cruz Court and City Council update
  •  Upcoming Palo Alto Sitting Ban CD sit-in as their Sitting Ban goes into effect over a 10-block area on 4-24 
  •  Palo Alto public comment on the Sitting Ban ordinance from January (some parts difficult to hear)
  •  Palo Alto City Attorney Ariel Cohen (January 1997): is the Sitting Ban anti-homeless?
  • (Final March hearing) More public comment pro and con on the Ban
  • Harsh San Jose Sit/Lie Ban law—Bathrobespierre’s description and Public Comment​​

The Flashback to May 4, 1997 includes: 

  • [5-1] Analysis, Aftermath, & Interviews in the wake of the  “Real Change not Spare Change” [SCnRC] Press Conference 
  • Sacramento Homelessness and Housing Conference—Interviews with Len Ducette “Hard Times” Homeless Newspaper Vendor
  • Bathrobespierre on Santa Cruz History of Local Protest and State Organization
  • More street debate on the “Let Them Eat Paper” SCnRC program
  • [5-4] Peppertongue Pat Ring on trial for a small sign and a “fuck you” comment to the Mayor on SCnRC

Bathrobespierre’s Broadside’s Thursday, July 11, 2024 show Flashes back to the February 21, 1997 with Bathrobespierre’s dense S.C. Shitty Council, Badboy Blueshirts on the Prowl, and numerous victim interviews

The July 11, 2024 Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides show is a Flashback to February 21, 1997. 

It includes: 

  • Bathrobespierre’s extensive commentary on court successes around the City’s attempt to persecute and prosecute protesters in the previous year’s City Hall Lockdown case and City Council’s meaningless “homeless study session”.
  • [throughout] Songs from the S.F. Mime Troupe’s 1981 production of Last Tango in Huahuatenango
  • Citizens Committee for the Homeless failure to reopen a safe sleeping zone.
  • Jeffrey Stewart, street musician, noting Officer Eveleth violent harassment and court conviction for “possession of a milk crate”. Alice Tiehust on her court case.
  • “Skidmark” Bob Duran, street musician, harassed for “dim” bike light, “unreasonable noise” by Ali Baba’s Cafe and more
  • “Peppertongue” Pat Ring beats harassment charges by court bailiff and bully James Thurber
  • Brief passionate public commentary opposing Palo Alto’s pending “sit-lie” law.

Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Sunday 7-7-24 show features a protest meeting planning the opening stage of a local Stop the Sweeps campaign + an 11-24-2011 Flashback at the height of the Occupy Santa Cruz protests

The July 7, 2024 edition of Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides includes: 

+++ California Homeless Union organizer Keith McHenry rounds up and fields suggestions from unhoused survivors and housed supporters on how to deal with the Supreme Court’s attack on the Grants Pass v. Jackson decision and the continued sweeps of property and people in Santa Cruz

+++ Western Regional Advocacy Project activist Paul Boden discusses Business Improvement Decisions (B.I.D.s) and their repressive effect on folks outside.

+++  Venice Civil Rights for the Homeless advocate Peggy Lee Kennedy on the L.A. crackdown on those on the streets.

+++ [throughout] Foundring plays and sings more Tom Lehrer tunes, some with updated lyrics at 

The Flashback to November 24, 2011 includes: 

+++  A critical lookback at former Mayor Scott Kennedy’s darker side.

+++  A chat with Danica de Foy, Monterey broadcaster, on the Occupy Santa Cruz [OSC] struggle with Sheriff Wowak’s deputies.

+++  OSC’s Dennis and Bathrobespierre discuss City Council repression and the City’s bathroom shutdown.

+++  Interviews with the housed Dolores Manning and the unhoused Phillip Snyder harassed for his service dog “Barack Obama.”

+++   “Scope it Out” Scott Graham on the City’s extravagant unwise funding of the De Sal water project & a critique of Scott Kennedy’s record.

+++   [11-10] A walkaround at OSC

+++   Optimistic news from Mike Donahue—30 days and nights at OSC–on the Wells Fargo occupation and other actions.

+++   Updates from Occupy Oakland, Egyptian police violence against protesters at Tahrir Square

+++   OSC attorney Ed Frey reports he’s gotten the court to move the City’s attempt to stop OSC with an injunction, moving it to Federal court.

+++   Bill calls in to denounce Union absence from OSC

+++   “Cut the Crap” Coral Brune and “Lighthouse” Linda Lemaster on report and critique internal disruption at OSC

+++   Lemaster on the planned Recuperative Center

+++   Making Change: a 2011 look at the Israeli Occuptation

Bathrobespierre’s Broadside’s Thursday, July 4, 2024 show Flashes back to the November 27, 2011 broadcast featuring discussion around the homeless and the Occupy Santa Cruz movement, Fresno’s Mike Rhodes, and Scott Kennedy’s last FRSC Interview

The July 4, 2024 show is a Flashback to November 27, 2011. 

It includes:

  • Reports from photojournalist Alex Darocy [] from the Occupy Santa Cruz [OSC] General Assembly—talk of​ moving the  protest for “safety concerns”, in-studio guest Grasshopper, and caller Neil Mick
  • FRSC broadcaster Meta (Mathew Embryo] reports from L.A. and SLO on the Occupy movements.
  • “A Little Education on Move-On” by Kevin Zeiss
  • Mike Rhodes Updates from Fresno [  “More Arrests at Occupy Fresno”]
  • Last conversation between Bathrobespierre Robert Norse and former Mayor Scott Kennedy—who died the week before.
  • Clips from a Capitola City Council meeting’s public comments on Mobile Home Rent Control
  • “Scope It Out” Scott Graham on Santa Cruz City Council capers
  • “The Fruits of Deliberation” on by Glenn Greenwald

Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Sunday 6-30-24 show joins folks at one of the few surviving homeless gatherings–the weekend Town Clock meet + a 10-27-95 Flashback featuring in-studio guest Richard Quigley, + “No Guns” Radichi, & “Redtop” Robert Flory

The Sunday June 30, 2024 show includes:

  • Anticipating the Supreme Court’s Grants Pass v. Johnson decision 
  • [throughout] Obscure Phil Ochs songs and recent ones by David Rovics 
  • [6-24]  Interview and presentation by Keith McHenry on what was then the forthcoming Supreme Court Grants Pass ruling
  • Rebellion in song and story at the Womera Break-Out of 2002 in Australia
  • [6-29] Phone Interview with McHenry after the release of the Supreme Court’s decision
  • Video: The People vs. Paul Crump 
  • “How Does Anyone Still Care About This Bullshit” by Caitlin Johnstone

The Flashback to October 27, 1995 includes:

  • “Renegade” Richard Quigley on reasonable vs. ridiculous rules of the road—challenging chump tickets in court​.
  • Quigley’s “Take me to a magistrate” encounter and strategy with a roadside cop.
  • Quigley’s cases in local courts  seeking to regain his driver’s license and “verified complaints”.
  • “No Guns” (Antoinette) Radichi on management harassment at the Wednesday downtown Farmer’s Market
  • Phone call-in from “Red-Top” Robert Flory:  “driving is a necessity and a right, not a privilege.” 
  • Flory’s report on Arcata mayor’s threat to arrest Food not Bombs food servers in their homes. 
  • [10/26] Phone interview with “Won-Ton” Dave Jacobs

Bathrobespierre’s Broadside’s Thursday, June 27, 2024 show Flashes back to the December 18, 2008 broadcast featuring Berkeley poet Julia Vinograd reading, attorney David Beauvais discussing the Ciampi case, and Mike Rhodes on the Kinkaid settlement

The June 27, 2024 show is a Flashback to December 18, 2008. 

It includes:      

+++  Vandweller Joseph Ciampi tasered by Palo Alto police wins suppression of evidence hearing”.       

+++  Attorney David Beauvais discusses the Ciampi case in a phone interview       

+++  Many references to the case:  go to   & search for Ciampi      

+++  Berkeley poet Julia Vinograd reads from her book America is Hiding Under My Bed.       

+++  Linda A.’s street report of a demo by single dad Chuck who complained he got a bogus urine test positive by the Rebele Family Shelter.      

+++ Phone interview with Fresno’s Mike Rhodes reporting from Madera and 60 homeless people protesting at their City Council  [] `     

+++  Street Interview: 12-11: Mark’s jaywalking ticket near Taco Bell’s—panhandling with “broke and hungry” sign, 2 hours with no luck, notes folks get lots of sleeping tickets      

+++ Strummer with bunnies

HUFF surfs sickness, sloth, and sadness to hold a regular meeting at the Sub Rosa on Thursday June 27th next to the Bike Church at 703 Pacific 1:30 PM to 3:30 PM

HUFF Ruf Agenda Suggestions 6-27-24                                             

 Top of the Agenda                 

++++   A shorter meeting than usual is planned.  

++++   Jacine has improved but may still be ill.  Several HUFF members may be ill or worried about illness.   Laura has come down with COVID with fever over the weekend but better now.  

++++   Meeting may be in the courtyard or inside: be prepared for cool weather.  

++++  If people want, we’ll give a call to Athena for a report on the Mental Health Advisory Board meeting last week.  

++++ The usual “Loose Cannons” meeting run by Athena is postponed another week.  Athena may join us late in the meeting if she’s finished helping Deona move her stuff from storage.  

++++ Video of the last MHAB meeting [6-20] :  

++++  Restoring right to survival encampments in Santa Cruz regardless of the Supreme Crapster decision`                                     

Standard Stuff: Procedures and Preliminaries  

++++   Timekeeper (10 minutes per item)  Hand-raisin’ courtesies, Chair rotation  

++++   Passarounds & Handouts  TBA  

++++   Announcements: TBA

++++   Street Reports with particular focus on recent police attacks on encampments

++++   Reviewing the Refugee Property Losses from Coral Street Demolitions                                             Upcoming Events

++++    Monday The Santa Cruz Homeless Union will announce a meeting shortly after the Supreme Court’s decision in the Grants Pass case to be held at City Hall, 809 Center Street.  The decision has reportedly a June 30th deadline.

++++   Saturday  6-29 11 AM-12:30 PM Ocean and Water  Stop genocide and support a permanent ceasefire in Gaza now. No more tax dollars for Israel. End the occupation and the apartheid system. Free all hostages and prisoners. 11 am to 12:30 pm every Saturday. Help hold up banners. More info:  call Laura at 831-247-5332.                

Gathering Information

++++  Property lost on Coral St. and at other recent seizures

++++   Still searching out Surveillance Camera Location (thru direct inquiry, observation, and public records)

++++   Flyer suggestions for upcoming Tourist Train protest with Coral St. info.

++++   Any posted notices of impending raids on existing camps?  Any court cases coming up?                                           

Possible Topics for Discussion

++++   New  Strategies for Documenting Property Loss:  Case #, Receipts, Audio recordings

++++   Tourist Train Strategy & Spectacle Update

++++   Cooling Center when extreme heat threatens?  Suggestions?

++++   Specific Demands? (Stop the Sweeps, Reapportion funding to service existing camps)  

++++  Reports from gov bodies (City Council, Board of Supes, Mental Health Advisory Board)  

++++  Budget Report from Shitty Council’s last meetings and Stupes?  Report on the new management contract for Evan Morrison’s group at the Armory ++++  Incidents from PovertyPimp Palaces (Housing Matters, Armory) & Service Agencies (MH CAN, Grey Bears, FNB, etc.)   

++++ Temperate to warm day weather for the next 10 days; no promise police will be stopping their raids.  

++++  Bathroom access at the Bookshop Santa Cruz                              

Keeping Tabs: Someday Follow-Up’s   

++++  Protest Target Suggestions: Tourist Train Sites City Mangler’s office…Police Station…Coastal Commission… City Hall…​Emeline/TelcCare/Supes                                                                                                 

Delayed Net-Show Access

June 20th  :

June 23rd :

++++ To View these BATHROBESPIERRE’S BROADSIDES NET-RADIO SHOWs:  go to  click on June 20th or 23rd  links there. 

++++  To Read descriptions of the show, click on the links above.

Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Sunday 6-23-24 show joins folks at one of the few surviving homeless gatherings–the weekend Town Clock meet + a 12-11-08 Flashback featuring in-studio cawster Crow, Sat Nite SleepOut Vignettes, NY Prof’s report on Greece

The June 23, 2024 show includes:  

  • “Cornerstone” Carol Denney on present city, university, court, and legislative shenanigans and the future of People’s Park
  • Oral arguments before the Supreme Court in the Grants Pass v. Jackson’s case:
  • “All About Action” Athena on recent police raids against those outside along Coral St. and vicinity as well as more on the recent behavior of Housing Matters
  • “The U.S. is Preparing for World War 3 while Expanding Draft Registration” by Caitlin Johnstone at
  • Airborne Athena recounts the casualty list and increased hostile fire facing folks outside after the Coral St. raids

The Flashback to December 22, 2008 includes:

  • “Linda A”  to be turned out of River St. mini-shelter while legally blind still recovering from eye surgery
  • Crow joins the show as guest and co-host on reclaiming fenced off Drum Circle space rejecting a “stay away” order from Farmer’s Market/drum circle and demanding a jury trial.
  • Last Saturday night [12-17] Sleep-Out: 2 cops give 4 a.m. citations
  • Sociology prof Nick Alexieu at Queens College from NYC calls in to give update on the Greek rebellion.
  • [12-18] “Street Guy with Tatoos” from Julia Vinograd’s then new Beside Myself book

Bathrobespierre’s Broadside’s Thursday, June 20, 2024 show Flashes back to the September 25, 2014 broadcast featuring Street Interviews a-plenty and discussion of the anti-homeless “Mosquito” devices set up to disperse homeless folks

The Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides June 20, 24 show is a Flashback to September 25, 2014. 

It includes:      

+++  G9-20 Interview with Keith McHenry on Mother Theresa in S.F          +++   9-25 Red Church Interviews: Eric Ray & Donna Marie on P&R’s August raid taking his stuff–5 camps destroyed, stuff hidden in trees taken, tents slashed by Labor Ready workers, repeats seizures subsequently      

+++  Honey’s 24-hour stay-away order from the beach after a ticket      

+++  Mass bust at Parking Lot #9 against travelers for smoking w/5 cops      

+++  Street jeweler Robin reports levee wildlife destruction to drive out campers, fencing near Tannery 2-3 weeks ago; HLOSC now like a prison with locked gate so no more meals there             

+++  Lone WolfHutch denounces S.C. Hotel for ripping him off for vets check             

+++  Jeweler reports Move-Along fine reduced from $349 to $100 though they weren’t asked as the law required to move along      

+++  DreamCatcher on massive seizure of property of 7 older men in San Lorenzo Park while they were at lunch      

+++  Correspondence with assistant City Manager Scott Collins on the anti-homeless “Mosquito” devices used to discourage groups of “undesireables” from clustering near banks, under bridges, and elsewhere in the city.       

+++  A caller and in studio broadcaster Doc Mike discuss the health implications of the Mosquito devices           

+++  Colin Campbell Clyde’s national political dismay

Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Sunday 6-16-24 show joins folks at one of the few surviving homeless gatherings–the weekend Town Clock meet + a 10-27-13 Flashback on protests against tightening City laws against the poor outside

The Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Sunday 6-16-24 show includes:

  • Background of the Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides musical introductory theme “Sing me a Song of Social Significance” from the 30’s musical Pins and Needles
  • Paula and Alana on police and code enforcer interference against poor folks downtown
  • Paula on her past and Watsonville vs. Santa Cruz for the poor
  • “San Francisco street beautification program turns ugly” from May 29, 2024 Chronicle
  • “Giving Away Booze? Program actually Helps Alcoholics”
  • Russell on the Coral St. demolition followed by fences and repeat raids
  • Cooper: Health care racket dumping people on the streets; Dreadeye—Gov. Newsom cleaning out California of working people.
  • Greg B.: Fragments of feeling and frenzy starting with exclusion for meyowing in the Sobering Center​
  • Restless Robert Woodleaf on garbage can crime
  • Katzenjammer Keith on unveiling of 750 beds-in-one-room shelter in San Diego—harbinger of the future?
  • “Rainbow” has sour words about Chico’s musical sidewalks policies towards the homeless​
  • [6-15]  Stefanie’s report from her sidewalk shopping card combo in the downtown library parking lot

The October 27, 2013 Flashback includes:

  • Bathrobespierre on the backstory behind the Downtown Ordinance, past, present, and future
  • Specifics of the proposed and toxic “non-commercial use” ordinance then coming up at City Council
  • Constriction of the Consent Agenda public comment period and 4th of July Triple Fine Zones & racial profiling
  • Myths of the Public Hysteria Task Farce conclusions (aka the Public Safety Task Force).
  • Public Comment on the ordinance constricting performer, table-ing, vending, and panhandling space downtown
  • [ ]  Protest against the ordinance with Sage, Dan, Sgt. Bush, Dan C. of the Sentinel, Razor Ray, Alley & Apso from Chico, Anonymous, Denica, Anihu the pooch, David Silva, and Phil Posner.
  • Phone Interview with Spilly Chilly’s Bowl of Rocks with Sandra Leigh as Community TV gets gentrified
  • Task Farce Debate on Whether to Survey or Not
  • Lighthouse Linda on the homeless ID system—compulsory or voluntary.
  • More cheeky chalkers and supporters at the Protest: Dennis E., ​McCall, Mama Shannon, Colin Campbell Clyde, Sgt. Bush