Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Show 1-19-23 covers the Mountain Community Resources Center protest and recent conversations at the Town Clock

The January 19th Show includes:

  • [1-17] Titanium-tongued Tony Mendanza on recent roustabouts with law enforcement lunacy.
  • Birdsong Whitebeard on the view from the Food Not Bombs free clothing table after the rain.
  • More parking lot punishment— reports Threadbare Theodore
  • [1-18] Harvey West Hangout Report from GreyStevens, Mickie Sabzar, and Spanky.
  • [1-19] Moving on the Mountain Resource Center’s renegade roust policies: Kara, long-time Felton resident, gives her view
  • Volunteer Food Line worker Shelly’s perspective.
  • Anonymous report of a S.C. homeless death in the library
  • Perspectives on the protest: Rita, Dave, Anonymous
  • Inside the MRC in search of answers—still looking.