Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Sunday April 28, 2024 show has an observer’s analysis of the first day of the UCB Gaza Protest, a gloomy report from LA on homeless rights and a Flashback to August 12, 2007 on the eve of the Homies for the Homeless protest

The Sunday April 28, 2024 show includes:

  • A UCB law student describes the first day of the “U.S. Out of Gaza” encampment protest in Berkeley
  • [4-21] Ready-to-Rough-It Robert Woodleaf on Armory problems and other Poverty Pimpster Updates
  • Woodleaf on MHCAN
  • [4-21] Kazoo seeks short pants and talks homeless clothing sources 
  • [4-24] Support for Gaza ceasefire at the Farmer’s Market: Bob, John, and Tem urge Saturday Ocean and Water protests 11 AM – 1 PM
  • [4-27] Peggy Lee Kennedy on the Fraser decision in the Garcia case exposing L.A. lying and fabrication in the 2018 seizure of homeless survival gear  

The Flashback to August 12, 2007 includes:

  • In-studio guests Los Angeles Community Action Network [LACAN] activists Lavita Myberg, General Dogun, and Joe Thomas came to town to support the Homes for the Homeless [HftH] protest slated for later that day (which lasted nearly a week). [Sir! No Sir! and Sleeping Ban Protest at City Hall]
  • Warren West recounts help and hurt from the Homeless Person’s Health Project [HPHP]
  • The LACAN three describe the fight to save SRO’s (Single Room Occupancy Hotels) and discuss Court defenses.
  •  Sidewalk interviews at the Petition to end the Sleeping Ban Boycott Bigotry at Bookshop Santa Cruz table: Nicole Barra, Karla
  • [8-6] Chris Williams on a stay-away order from Pacific Avenue
  • Three songs by Visionsong Valerie Christy; Mud at the SAFE night in front of New Leaf Market
  • [8-9] Nagasaki day numbness: Mama Val Promise on Swami’s tickets; dialogue with Cliff Brown & Allison, Deadman
  • Memories of recently dead Peter Stafford, psychedelic researcher
  • Crow in the studio; Madison strangling the phone lines.
  • Report from Basement-Level Baskett’s court of camping tickets dismissed with generic letter from the Homeless  [Lack of] Services Center
  • Latest federal Iraqi war legislation impacting local civil liberties—readings off the Counterpunch website​