Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Sunday February 25, 2024 show S.C. protests against the punishment of Julian Assange, Fox on S.C. psychiatric shenanigans & Keith on upcoming protests +a fuzzy Flashback to Nov. 16, 1995: Open-air shelter defense

The Sunday February 25, 2024 Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides show includes:

  • “Free Julian Assange” Protest at Ocean & Water (Starbucks) corner with commentary from Greg on his encounters with “the Deep State”; the 2024 progressive activist scene;
  • [Satirist and social critic Dave Lippman songs throughout the show, lifted from the internet]
  • Jillian on Snowden and other more local figures;  Drew on the “Scamdemic”
  • Wes the photojournalist: Salinas Council Vote continuing sweeps of the homeless
  • Keith distributing flyers on “First They Came for the Homeless” and the Cicero Institute/CIA conspiracy to “round ’em up”; mental health malpractice in Santa Cruz;
  • “Fox” on experiences in shrink shops, including TeleCare, Santa Cruz’s own psych holding ward and transmission belt to other “hospitals”
  • Food Not Bombs fellowship with Blue (Lawrence MacGregor) on the ups and downs of apartment life; “R” on tobacco smoking as a health benefit; Keith on organizing for a Tuesday “Fuck Your FEMA Camps” protest at City Council; Dylan on forced psychiatric “treatment” in prison

The November 16, 1995 Flashback includes: 

  • UCSC student Mike working on the history of Homeless resources
  • Louis on stays at the River St. mini-Shelter and Carota’s Jesus, Joseph, and Mary shelter
  • Dianna, the street jeweler, on a successful resolution of a dispute with Georgianna’s Cafe (then next to the Bookshop Coonerty)
  • Colorful accounts from Alex, Gypsy, Cosmo, Kelly, and Bubbles—on subjects ranging from love to rape.
  • Bathrobespierre Robert and Crossroads Chris Brozda on the Open-Air Shelter-destroying Page Smith Community House
  • Billy and Dusty on the San Francisco scene.
  • Further Flashback to January 1, 1994: Sgt. Reedy’s New Year’s Eve riot
  • Skidmark Bob and “Rolling Thunder” Mike Sheridan on cops and campgrounds.