Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Sunday May 5, 2024 show features an interview with “Backstory” Brent Adams, a report from refugees of the Harvey West survival camps+ more & a Flashback to August 23, 2007 looking back on the Homies for the Homeless protest

The Sunday May 5, 2024 Bathrobespierre’s Broadside show includes:

  • “Backstory” Brent Adams reviewing his work in struggling to expand social services over the last decade
  • [4-28]  “Jus’ Tired” Jim on the day before City removal of the Harvey West survival encampment
  • [4-28]  “Airborne” Athena
  • The Listening Post: on media smearing of student anti-genocide protests
  • Jack Ryan Rodreguez—his history as a displaced sometime homeless activist
  • [4-29]  Observing the police raid dispersing the  encampment.

The August 23, 2007 Flashback includes:  

  • Background and objectives of the August 12-19 extended Homies for the Homeless [HfH]protest at the S.C. City Council Courtyard.
  • [“Sleep Ban Fighters Regroup after Saturday Morning Police Raid”]
  • Reviewing the record of the SCPD at the HfH:the few citations, the Sentinel smears, PR police professional Zack Friend hostile account
  • Success and prospects of those fighting the Sleeping Ban
  • [8-18] Christopher Williams on phony resource packets handed out by SCPD—Shane, Amanda and John Barnett, on scene with 25 Sleepers​
  • Amisa on landlord restrictions about associating with “the homeless”
  • In-studio guest Lighthouse Linda Lemaster, former chair of the Homeless Issues Task Farce
  • Lee on his own psychological defensive weapons against anti-homeless harassment and Demone, Amanda, and John on the phony resource packets