Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Thursday March 7, 2024 show is a a Flashback to December 27, 1998 featuring co-host James Nay, with Pat K., Bob L., Roxanne A., David S, Becky J., Phil F., Linda L. on Karen Gillette, Homeless Community Services Center boss

The Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides March 7, 2024 show is a flashback to December 27, 1998.  It includes:

  • co-host and guest James “No Nonsense” Nay describes terminal times as a Monitor Manager at the Winter Armory Shelter
  • Caller Bob Lamonica discuss “relocation camps” for the homeless with Nay
  • Caller Phil Free scorches Homeless Community Resource Center [HCRC]’ manager Karen Gillette
  • Nay and a caller review the positives of the HCRC and Karen Gillette
  • Beggarbacker Becky Johnson, Lighthouse Linda Lemaster, & Sidewalk Shannon Cassamo review the[10-21-98] Mid-County Post article heralding Gillette as “The Advocate”; caller  Pat Kittle calls in with criticisms of homeless litter.
  • Lamonica and Rough-Tongue Roxanne Acquistepache on “the Magnet effect” if human rights are to be restored for the homeless
  • Dead-On David Silva on the upcoming “Don’t Sleep Tonight” Night and the Initiative to End the Sleeping Ban
  • Nay gives more details of his HCRC job and firing