Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Thursday, May 23 2024 show Flashes back to the July 22, 2001 broadcast during the Camp Paradise vs. the “Progressives” era with the Dolphin-Lee eviction/relocation project

The May 23, 2024 show is a Flashback to July 22, 2001 and includes: 

  • Bathrobespierre’s updates on recent and upcoming City Council plan to purchase the Lee property for the Nueva Vista project; refusal to put Councilmember Porter’s “Modify the Sleeping Ban” proposal on the agenda.
  • Dustyhands Doug McGrath on the recent abuses of Officer Seiley (the younger) around Camp Paradise.
  • Bud, the Street Spirit street paper vendor
  • Skidmark Bob interviews Camp Paradise head Larry Templeton with a positive view; cordoning off of Hippie Planter at New Leaf market
  • Bathrobespierre speaks to City Council on its [Failure to provide Portapotties] Politics 
  • Stillstanding Steve Argue on sheriffs called to retag a tent in Riverview Campground for “blocking view” & a citation for “intent to urinate”
  • “Dangerous” John Thielking discusses negotiations for bail for Justman Jim Costner for his Columbus statue smashing.
  • Street Spirit update on Camp Paradise: