Coffee Against the CampCrushers–Monday June 6th through Wednesday June 8th Outside the City Manager’s Office 10 AM – 11:30 AM

Join the Community Truth Squad 

Mid-Morning Coffee Outside the City Manager’s Office 

Demand straight solutions not sugar-coated shit.  

10-11:30 AM Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday June 6th -8th   

City Hall Courtyard 809 Center St.      

Pastries Likely   Spread the Word 

$14.5 Million in “Homeless” Funding?     150 “Beds” for 1000-1500 Outside?   

“Pathway to Housing” Leading Back to the Street?   More Sleeping Tickets? 

July Sweeps of the Benchlands?   “Programs” Treating People Like Prisoners? 

Stop the Waste and the Lies.    Keep Up the Pressure! 

Talk Truth to the Community to Counter City Council’s Crapspeak