Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Show 6-2-22 : FLASHBACK to May 10, 2001

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This Show is a FLASHBACK to May 10, 2001:

  • Bathrobespierre on the status of the Sleeping Ban circa 2001
  • “Jump the Juggernaut” James Nay and his court fight
  •  Jen Curry reports an assault by Sgt. “Sticky Fingers” Loren ‘Butchie’ Baker and asks for witnesses to the incident.
  •   Callers weigh in with witness accounts and comments, noting as well Baker’s attack on Sean Duncan, a bicyclist who got hit-and-run and then ticketed while the driver was let off.
  •   Environmental and homeless activist John Earth on his start-up One Mind Foundation
  •   Attorney Catnip Kate Wells on the James Nay Chalk-on-the-sidewalk trial
  • San Francisco cops renew attack on Food Not Bombs after removing benches at the Civic Center Plaza park.
  •   Bathrobespierre critiques Drug Czar appointee John Water
  •   Judith on Mercy Charities El Centro deal.
  •   “Just Man” Jim Cosner calls in from jail, waiting his bail reduction hearing for Columbus statute smashing.