As You See It: Foreclosure rules needed

by Dean Oja, Boulder Creek
Santa Cruz Sentinel Aug. 15, 2012

What the supervisors of Santa Cruz County should do, like you said in “County tables housing rules,” is make the banks show that they have the title to a home before the county issues them a notice of default. As it is now, the bank just comes in and ask the recorder of the notice of default and they get it, without showing any documentation that they legally own the property. Nevada did this and foreclosures have been reduced to half as many as before.

Banks also do not have to pay a transfer tax like everybody else when we buy property. In San Francisco, the supervisors are voting on Nov. 8 to make the banks pay this fee because the title is being transferred.

My question is, do the banks have to pay property tax on the house after they take it back, and if not, why? They should have to pay the property tax for the same amount as the foreclosed owner was until the house is sold.

If you are being foreclosed on or heading that way go to — Home Owners for Justice — and see if they can help.

Let’s prosecute the bankers for fraud for the “robo-signing” that was happening and might still be happening.

This was mass fraud against the people. We could probably use RICO laws due to the mass conspiracy of defrauding the public and the courts, but nobody in the Justice Department seems to think it is a good idea to bite the hand that feeds you.