Rain-soaked HUFF does some drying out at the usual Sub Rosa Cafe at 703 Pacific 10:45 a.m. Thursday March 16th next to the Bike Church: Assessing Resistance Options and Strategies

Homeless United for Friendship & Freedomwill be reviewing recent events Thursday morning—swapping stories as we sit, munching and sipping, plodding through the usual Agenda milestones.

HUFF Meeting Agenda Prospects 3-16-23 

  ++++  Pass-Arounds and Hand-Outs  

  ++++  Street reports; Post Office Pushback–Cooper and Russell Tent Up

  ++++  Return of Post Office Encampments: Latest Police Sweep Bullying Practices

  ++++  RV Victory: the Removal of Signs in the Coastal Zone: What Next?  Meisler at City Council;  Parking Authority on the Run?

  ++++  Sunday’s upcoming Anti-War Rally:  March 19th Town Clock noon

  ++++  Homeless Union Hibernation– Bagels and Badinage at 4 p.m.. Wednesday, 612 Ocean  3-22.

  ++++  Reviewing the Rain Wreckage: Response of Santa Cruz City and County Authorities—and the Likely Future during the next storm

  ++++  The disappearing Petition to restore Portapotty & Hand washing stations in dispersed survival camps; Ratner/Huffaker Visit 

  ++++  Organizing to push Martin v. Boise pro per lawsuit activity using Robbie Powelson’s paper trail

  ++++  Report on last City Council Meeting 3-14-23 and the Attack on Food Not Bombs at City Hall and perhaps at the Town Clock

  ++++  General Shelter Updates Including “Warming Center”

  ++++  Phone Outreach in search of Updates: Meisler on Vehicularly Housed Parking

  ++++  Bored of Stupidvipers Activity? 

  ++++  Placeholder Reminders: Free Guide Verification, Mad Power Monitoring, Ticket Documenting

Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Sunday March 12, 2023 show features an anguished interview from Keith McHenry and the police blockage of food serving at City Hall last Friday. Also a lengthy Flashback to December 9, 2007 with oldtimer interview

The March 12, 2023 Show features: 

The December 9, 2007 Flashback includes: 

  • Straight and silly talk from Swami’s Blanket
  • “Get out of town”, cops tell street jewelry pair
  • Lass–Pregnant and Panhandling
  • Terry, the Fire Sign maker, Faith, and Alicia 
  • Robert Wolber on crutches—given a camping ticket
  • Jerry & Kimberly “washed along” by a sidewalk cleaner
  • William Brass on the Hippie Revolution
  • 11-23 A writer/renter on exorbitant rent raises
  • 11-24 At the Saturday Market:  Cupman on the Sleeping Ban
  • Marlena Zaro, survivor of the judicial rack 13 years after the 1994 police riot.
  • Tenderfoot Tim, co-host, introduces Ancient Clown and David Arthur Johnson from the Victoria, Canada encampment
  • [selections from the musical Urinetown throughout the rest of the show]
  • Jhond Golder on reclaiming Lighthouse Linda Lemaster’s seized vehicle recalling his old fights
  • Donna Deiss’s struggle with Chief Ranger John Wallace—restriping Westcliffe Dr. parking lot.
  • Downtown Hair Salon owner Chai on overpolicing and Santa Cruz’s anti-homeless laws
  • Oregonians Alice and Alicia from Ashland
  • Yasman from Mendicino’s update: Ukiah outlaws all outdoor growing “because of the smell”

Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Thursday March 9, 2023 show is a Flashback to November 22, 2007 with studio guest Medical Marijuana historian and activist Craig Canada on his trials as an unhoused activist

The March 9, 2023 flashback to November 23, 2007 includes: 

  • Bathrobespierre Robert analyzes the defanging of Measure Z—the Lowest Enforcement for Marijuana ordinance
  • Dialogues Tabling at the Bookshop Coonerty in a Nov 18 Boycott Bigotry demo targeting vice-Mayor Coonerty
  • Steve from Olympia, WA, on the anti-war and homeless struggle here, there, and in Eugene, OR
  • Capricious Craig Canada (palmspringsbum.com), medical marijuana researcher on his ban from the Catalyst & more
  • Madmouth Madison on the exclusion of independent artists from setting up sidewalk tables
  • More from the anti-LBAM spray and Sleeping Ban tables from Joanne of Bakersfield, , Zack Weiss and Ella Mae
  • Craig Canada on abuses at the Homeless (Lack of) Services Center  at Coral St.
  • Interviews from the Thanksgiving meal chow line
  • Difficulties in dislodging records of sleeping ban citations from the SCPD

HUFF swims into view at the usual Sub Rosa Cafe at 703 Pacific 10:45 a.m. Thursday March 9th next to the Bike Church: Slapping Back at Sweeps

Homeless United for Friendship & Freedom will be huddling indoors Thursday morning—sharing minor munchables and coffee and exchanging gloomy, sometimes gutsy, tales and plotting ways to publicize the persecution.  Join us.

HUFF Meeting Agenda Prospects 3-9-23 

  ++++  Pass-Arounds and Hand-Outs  

  ++++  Street reports

  ++++  Return of Post Office Encampments: Latest Police Sweep Bullying Practices

  ++++  RV Victory: the Removal of Signs in the Coastal Zone: What Next?

  ++++  Sunday’s upcoming Anti-War Rally:  March 19th

  ++++  Weather Woes: Another Atmospheric River over the Weekend?  Documenting SCPD Sadism

  ++++  S.C. Homeless Union/HUFF organizing for Portapotty & Hand washing stations in dispersed survival camps; Ratner/Huffaker Visit 

  ++++  Organizing to push Martin v. Boise

  ++++  Recent police murders: qualified immunity; soft-pedaling defunding in local media; police auditor whitewash?

  ++++  Next City Council Meeting 3-14-23

  ++++  General Shelter Updates Including “Warming Center”

  ++++  Phone Outreach in search of Updates

  ++++  Bored of Stupidvipers Meeting Upcoming: volunteer watcher? 

  ++++  Updates for SB31 and its Successor State-wide 

  ++++  Injunction Prep; Ratner/Mangler Tie-In Protest Prep 

  ++++  Placeholder Reminders: Free Guide Verification, Mad Power Monitoring, Ticket Documenting

Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides the 3-5-23 edition features Interviews with Suzanne Winchel, Brent Adams, Raffa Sonnenfeld, Alicia Kuhl, Reggie Meisler about unhoused rights

The March 5, 2023 show includes:

  • Interview with activist Alicia Kuhl on Reggie Meisler’s success in forcing local authorities to remove “No Parking at Night” and other restrictions from the Coastal zone—signs that have no Coastal permits assuming local access.
  • [throughout] Topical 1980’w songs critiquing right-wing UK prime minister Margaret Thatcher by Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger in their Naming the Names album.
  • 3-2 Interview with “Backstory” Brent Adams on the history of Footbridge Services, Evan Morrison (who runs a govt. RV parking program), future documentary work, and more…
  • The 1381 Peasants War in song and story
  • Parks & Recreation [P&R] Dept’s gentrification presentation at the Hotel Paradox
  • “Reckoning Now!” Reggie Meisler’s analysis of the P&R show.
  •   “Sanctioned Encampments, Police Profiling…in Salinas”, video by Salinas activist Wes White at  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_HrDEdgwXPw
  • Raffa Sonnenfeld responds to criticism of the City’s CACH committee and the poverty pimps (“shelter and ‘road to housing’ services”).
  • “Crazy Mary” on her link up with Housing Matters
  • “Side of the Road” Suzanne on organizing survival campers along Hiway 9

Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Thursday March 2 2023 is a Flashback to September 29, 1995 on the struggle to keep the Coral Open-Air Shelter or “Back Forty” (where some of Housing Matters now sits) open

The September 29, 1995 show includes: 

“Nutcracker” Nick on the Harassment-prone Downtown Hosts  

Nick and Bathrobierre discuss the now dead, then toxically-active “Butchie” Loren “Sticky Fingers” Baker—accused harasser of poor women. 

“Judgment Day” John Stuart on the arrest of Food Not Bombs [FNB] activist “Red-Top” Robert Flory at the courthouse 

Hospitality “Host” Christine at the Pacific Ave. table 

FNB activist Sara on Santa Cruz’s 1995 FNB and collecting donated food

  Free Radio Santa Cruz [FRSC] broadcaster previews his then-forthcoming show. 

“Bubbah” Brian Koepke on the Gina assault case 

S.F. Chronicle story “Judge Continues Ban on Redwood Logging” 

Attorney Ed Frey attacks D.A. Art Danner for funding then firing Assistant D.A. Catherine Gardner 

“Calamity Jane” Imler gives the background of the Citizen’s Committee for the Homeless [CCH] 

“Lighthouse” Linda Lemaster of Housing Now in Santa Cruz” announces the new Newsletter for the Streets 

Bubbah on the Closing of the Open-Air Shelter 

“Pardonez-Moi” Paul Marceau, Director of the Open Air Shelter defends CCH and its program to close the shelter. 

Marlena Zaro, acquitted of “Failure to Disperse” in the mini-riot by Police during the protest against the Sitting Ban in May 1994 

Ed Frey on Danner’s refusal to prosecute Deputy Todd Liberty for a brutal assault captured on video.  https://www.latimes.com/archives/la-xpm-1992-04-02-mn-220-story.html

NO HUFF MEETING TODAY HUFF takes a brief respite this week with meetings to resume March 9 Sub Rosa Courtyard at 703 Pacific 10:45 a.m. Thursday next to the Bike Church

HUFF takes a pause for breath this week, skipping its March 2nd Thursday meeting, and planning to resume chairwarming and coffee-quaffing next Thursday at 10:45 a.m. at the usual time and place.
In the meantime….

HUFF Suggestions for Between-Meeting Activity    

  ++++  Shelterwatch:  the City is spending lots of $$ on shelter for a minority of the folks outside.  HUFF has been receiving mixed reports of the Armory/LookOut shelter—which does provide meals and transport, but bans visiting (even within the encampments) and some feel maintains a “prison-like” atmosphere.  It was created as a go-to excuse for police to demolish the Benchlands (whose demolition funding that was transferred from a “homeless benefit” grant).  Please report both the positive and negative reports or experiences from 1220 River St., 150 Coral St., and the Armory/Overlook shelters.  Call 831-423-4833 and leave a brief report or your contact info.

  ++++  Cold and WetWeather Warning: With weekend rainstorms and four days of more rain beginning next Thursday, the City’s token nighttime-only Warming Center is slated to close next Monday, March 6th, runs from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m. unless ousted by Vet’s Hall events—according to Union of the Homeless activist Alicia Kuhl.  Come early, advises Brent Adams, in order to assure a place since its “capacity” is 60 people with only 30 of them getting beds. It’s at 846 Front St., Santa Cruz, CA 95060 Call (831) 454-0478.

  ++++  WarmingCenterwatch:   Footbridge Services has been shutdown through volunteer burnout and City Council/Supervisor ostracism.  However Brent Adams still offers blankets, clothing, toiletries and other necessities on Warming Wednesdays noon to 2 p.m.  Call 588-9892 or 246-1234 for a recorded update.

  ++++   Santa Cruz Union of the Homeless now slated to meet Wednesdays 4-6 p.m. at the conference room of the Resource Center for Non-Violence at 612 Ocean St.  Call Alicia at 431-7766.  The Union reportedly doing Mutual Aid, and provides meals at its social meetings.

  ++++   No new updates from the Mountain Community Resource Center [MCRC] in Felton, though no word it has changed its policies regarding exclusion of people from under the outside of its eaves during cold and wet weather and arresting those who stay.  To find out more info from MCRC, call 335-6600 .

  ++++   Food Not Bombs is still the only regular provider of daily meals noon to 3 PM at the Town Clock without ID cards, locked gates, or requirement that you get into bogus “a pathway to housing” fund-magnet program.

Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides the 2-26-23 edition features: Interviews from the First Mass Anti-War Rally This Year on 2-19; Mayor Keeley Visits the Rally at the Clock, & more + Flashback to June 7, 2006

The 2-26-23 show includes:

The June 7, 2007 Flashback includes:

  • Newly appointed City Commission for the Prevention of Violence Against Women (CCPVAW) member Jane Bogard interviewed on sex among the young and rape kit closure in Santa Cruz.
  • 5-21:  in front of Aptos Rancho Del Mar’s Coffee Roasting Company, Jerry Henry, Jonah Williams—arrested for trespass, interference with a business for getting a cup of water for a friend.
  • Preacher Mike’s skeptical view of the controversy
  • Millie Plumber, defending the Roasting Company management
  • Marco of Manana me chanto (“Tomorrow I quit”), his travels and his music.

Today’s February 23, 2023 show is a Flashback to November 11, 2010 with special co-host Smooth-Tongued Steve Pleich

Due to technical and weariness problems, today’s show will be a Flashback to November 11, 2010.  It can be reached by going to the archives at http://radiolibre.org/brb/brb101111.mp3  (begin 13 minutes and 25 seconds into the audio file):The Flashback  includes: 

  • (Throughout) Songs from the San Francisco Mime Troupe’s 1600 Transylvania Avenue
  • “Silver-tongued” Steve Pleich, defeated but unbowed S.C. City Council candidate (at that time) on Veteran’s local politics.
  • Trader Joe’s security guards harass local ACLU canvassers; Pruneyard decision and its modifications on rights in shopping malls
  • Closing of City Hall courtyard at night; levee spaces; library benches forbidden after 9 p.m.–all without public consent and without consultation with the Parks and Recreation Commission.  Still no lesson from the Paul Lee-funded, Ed Frey-provided portapotty for the three month long PeaceCamp2010 protest—i..e. no open City bathrooms at night.
  • Becky Johnson’s HUFF letter of concern to the Board of Supervisors urging reopening of the Vet’s Building
  • Background of “Veteran’s Day” originally “Armistice Day”—the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918 when WW1 ended.
  • “Laying Down Arms” by Peter Linebaugh on Armistice Day
  • https://www.foreignpolicyjournal.com/2010/11/12/americas-devolution-into-dictatorship/  
  • Challenging the SCPD’s “leave confiscated property” out in the rain illegal policy
  • Ronnee Currey’s Sidewalk Youth Ministry in the Rain at Soquel & Pacific:  Ronee and Scott on conspiracy to defrock Father Joel Miller;  Shift of Red Church Ronee’s Coffeehouse for the Youth with liberal hours to Traditional Church Services
  • Thanksgiving Meal moved to the Civic by Pastor Dennis Adams and Activist Steve Pleich  after County refused to open Vets Hall
  • “Free”, Free Radio Santa Cruz broadcaster, of  his Tangerine Dream show–joins SilverTongue and Bathrobespierre.
  • Successful and unsuccessful boycotts of Jack’s Hamburgers and Bunny’s Shoes
  • Background of the Sleeping Ban Injunction against Anna Richardson and Miguel de Leon (“Lito”).
  • Discussion of the 647e [“illegal lodging”] with “Lighthouse” Linda Lemaster’s hearing and protest coming up.
  • “Big Drum” Brent Adams convicted of “Unreasonably Disturbing Noise” given 8-month probation, Brent’s history in mediating Drum Circle with a set of rules causing Sgt. Harms SCPD goon squads to lay off until the Farmer’s Market commercially expanded over it.   Discussion of his relationship with Adams’ trial.
  • “Drum Circle” Dave’s report on the Levee Drum Line
  • Andrea defends Father Joel Miller as singer, funster, and happy pastor.  Penny University putting together petition to save him.

HUFF gathers under windy skies at the usual Sub Rosa Courtyard at 703 Pacific 10:45 a.m. Thursday February 23rd next to the Bike Church

HUFF Meeting Agenda Prospects 2-23-23     

  ++++  Pass-Arounds and Hand-Outs  

  ++++  Street reports 

  ++++  Posterboard Display of RV Fight-Back: Julie Schaul’s Sign Removal News

  ++++  Meisler Update call? 

  ++++  Mini-Meeting: SC Homeless Union- Planning and Petitioning as New Sweeps threaten, demanding Portapotty & Hand washing stations for camps 

  ++++  Mountain Resource Center Update; Helga’s Possible Update  

  ++++  Recent police murders: qualified immunity; soft-pedaling defunding in local media; police auditor whitewash?

  ++++  City Council Meeting–Tuesday Feb 28  in person and on line

  ++++  General Shelter Updates 

  ++++  Cold and Rainy Night Shelter in Santa Cruz Action Considering Recebt /weather & No Warming Center 

  ++++  Other activist calls

  ++++  Stupidvipers Meeting Report>

  ++++  Pretend Police Reform in Chicago–Lesson for Santa Cruz?  https://rampantmag.com/2021/07/who-controls-chicagos-cops/

  ++++  Injunction Prep; Ratner/Mangler Tie-In Protest Prep  

  ++++  Placeholders:  Tabling & Follow-Up  at Clock, Pogonip, Levee:  Survival Encampment Network  

  ++++  More Placeholders: Tickets, Free Guide, OVO, Mad Power  

  ++++  Peace Rally Report–Future Rallies?