Attorney Resumes Attack on Sleeping Ban Noon Today at Hotel Paradox in Santa Cruz

PeaceCamp2010 co-founder and stalwart Ed Frey (pronounced “Fry”) is the only local attorney to have been arrested, then trial and then served a six-month house arrest sentence for solidarity with homeless people here defending the right to sleep.

He continues his persistent and relentless appeal of the absurd and bizarre conviction of “Ground Zero” Gary Johnson.

Judge “Grim Gavel” John Gallagher sentenced Gary to two years in jail for sleeping outside the County Building on a bench with a sign denouncing the (Homeless) Sleeping Ban.

This happened in the closing days of the Occupy Santa Cruz movement in the winter of 2011-2012–though as an independent action. In his appeal of a blocked appeal, Ed raises technical but substantive legal issues which impact all appeals and will be presenting a memo today to lawyers who have been largely indifferent to the issue locally.  (The local ACLU has repeatedly refused to issue any statement on MC 6.36.010a or on the state’s harsh and selectively enforced “no lodging” law PC 647e.)

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