Bathe Your Ears in Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Today at 9:30 AM

¬†Coming in long at over 4 1/2 hours, today’s medley of interviews, music, commentary, and dead air features extensive updates from Berkeley’s Liberty City (cleared but not defeated), the last Freedom Sleeper Sidewalk Snooze-a-thon (#21), the upcoming December 8th Freedom Sleepers SleepOut at City Hall complete with 6 PM Beggar’s Banquet in front of the Palomar on Pacific, a report on the Cultivation Containment Law coming up at the Board of Supes next Tuesday (12-8), and…even more!¬† Runs from 9:30 AM today (12-6) to just after 2 PM.

Streams at, broadcasts at 101.3 FM, archives at .Call-in with comments at 831-423-4833 to be broadcast later.

Bring picket signs and musical instruments to the Freedom Sleeper Sidewalk SpeakOut outside the City Council’s Annual Sayonara Public Dinner at the Palomar Hotel at 6 PM, then heft blankets and sleeping bags over to the Freedom Sleepers in front of City Hall.