Cannabis Crackdown at the Supes Tuesday?, Artists Arrested on Pacific Ave., A Lawyer Dissects the Anti-Lodging Law–all on Free Radio today

Preliminary news of the arrest of “Art is Free” painter Alex and fellow painter Joff on Pacific Avenue Saturday afternoon.   Special C-4 Committee set up by the Board of Supervisors to propose marijuana cultivation restrictions.  Two members weigh in with a report on what will be coming up at the Tuesday April 19 meeting of the Board of Superisors:  Extended interviews with C-4 members Nick Bulach and Colin Disheron.  A lookback at Freedom Sleep-Out #40 and look forward to upcoming Tuesday Freedom Sleep-Out #41 on April 19.  Berkeley activist and attorney Osha Neuman will discuss PC 647e, the infamous “no lodging” law used by Santa Cruz authorities against protesters and homeless folks

The show broadcasts at 101.3 FM and streams on the internet at at 9:30 AM2:30 PM (April 17).  It will archive at