Emergency Breakfast 6-18; Camp-Out Kicks Off 6-28 [1 Attachment]

Title: Homeless Lives Matter: Building Towards Justice
START DATE: Thursday June 18
TIME: 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM
Location Details:
Corner of Hiway 9 (River St.) and Hiway 1
Event Type: Protest
Contact Name Keith McHenry
Email Address keith [at] foodnotbombs.net



An assembly of activists–consensed to have another Emergency Breakfast to organize towards the June 28 Camp-Out.

The focus being to bring attention to the emergency services cutoff as well as the criminalizing of homeless people.

I would call the group organizing the Camp-Out “Homeless Lives Matter!’ (but they have not so named themselves).

It contains activists from a variety of organizations including Food Not Bombs, HUFF, residents and refugees from the Coral St. complex, UCSC students, Camp of Last Resort workers, the Homeless Legal Persons Assistance Project, and others.

The last two meals on June 8 and 11th were boisterous and successful. Many folks described their dismay & anger at the abrupt termination of emergency services (though shelter at Coral St. has served less than 5% of the population outside at Coral St.). They held up signs, exchanged solidarity honks and shouts with passing cars and expressed support for the demonstration.

So far Jannan Thomas, Executive Director at 115 Coral St., has refused to release her annual budget or explain why emergency services are the first to go from a $3.4 million fund.

The opinions in this announcement are mine, but not necessarily mine alone. –Robert Norse