Flashback to 1999: Debate Over the Sleeping Ban Today’s Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Show Will Look Back on Feb 11, 1999 Tune in at 6 PM Free Radio Today

In February 1999, the new “progressive” City Council had just dashed activist hopes and derailed protest with its 3 month-long Task Force to Examine the Camping Ordinance.   Art and Revolution’s Police Officer Provides Satirical Relief;  Janet Riley, Florida Legal Services in Ft. Lauderdale  where the Pottinger decision made it legal to sleep reports on the success of Sleeping Ban elimination; Silva and Norse Chew Over the City Council’s Latest; Dr. Breser of Broward County, FL denies the “magnet effect”of restoring civil rights to those outside.

The show broadcasts at 101.3 FM, streams on the internet at freakradio.org.  It will archive at http://www.radiolibre.org/brb/brb160225.mp3.