HUFF at 11 AM at the Sub Rosa Courtyard, next to the Bike Church 1-13-21 : Another Possible Victory with the TRO Extension, Brooding on the Bad and Lighting the Way for the Good

Agenda Prospects

            CounterAction by the City–Condotti, Mills, and Bernal Strike Back: Evidence and Arguments in the Supplementary Lawsuit

          New Council Claptrap Gone Old:  Rubberstamping Gentrification and Ignoring the City Manager’s Camp Eviction Edict

​          New Mills Machinations on the Horizon? —Possible Revisit of Camping Ban Crapola on 1-26; 1-19 Special Session 

          A Firm Maybe:  Possible Reports from Lawsuits in Santa Barbara, Oakland, Sacramento, and Marysville

          The Wrong “Criminals” in Kuhl Case Dropped, Pirate’s Morning Appearance,  whazzup with Dreadeye and Hannah?

          Pajaro River Pushback–Monika K’s Morning Makefast Team

NO Injunction Hearing Today:  TRO Extended to January 20th.

Weather better but still in low 60’s so bring your own warmers. 

Usual free hot beverage for participants.