HUFF begins at 11 AM at the Sub Rosa, then likely, moves to San Lorenzo Park in Solidarity with Community Defenders there Wednesday December 30

Agenda Prospects
             Report and Reprise of Outreach Tabling Downtown Last Weekend
          Protest History–Looking Back and Adding Things Up
​          San Lorenzo Struggle–Update and Prospects–Regular HUFF presence there?
          Civil Resistance in BernalLand–Tips for Dealing with Andy Mills men-in-arms
          Rising Deaths COVID complications–and Police Defiance:  What is to be Done
         Status of Roomkey/Housekey/Winter Shelter Deficiencies as Christmas Creeps By: Raising a Ruckus for Housing TakeOvers?
         Strategies for Proceeding with Small Numbers in an Ebb Tide Time for Protests

bundle up warm for a nippy day, get warmer with tea or coffee compliments of jovial Jacin, heat up with a possible solidarity field trip to the San Lorenzo Stand-Fast Scene.