HUFF Meetings are Back in the Benchlands! Thursday 7-22; Tables between Courthouse & Benchlands

Agenda Prospects  for Thursday’s (7-22) Meeting       

+++ The Successful Novato Injunction–The Documentation Used and How It Might Apply to Santa Cruz
+++ Possible Resistance Strategies Against Further Sweeps and Benchland Demolition in the Benchlands
+++ Update on Pajaro River Sweep Wednesday morning from Monike Tone

+++ Wes White reports on his Union of the Homeless Tour of Marysville, Modesto, Fresno, San Diego, and Venice
+++ Bring Reports of Threats or Citations Using the New Camping Bans, Other Laws, or No Laws to HUFF or Alicia at 431-7766
+++ Rental Moratorium Prospects and Landlord Harassment–Possible Updates  
+++ Possible Sweep Defenses When the Cops Come Calling–Individual & Group Strategies
 +++ Laura’s Law in Santa Cruz: Did They Opt-Out?  Countering Conservatorships & “No Warning” Deportations
+++ Untwisting the Crooked City Hall Narrative:  Mustering Past Evidence of Shelter Denial and the Susie O’Hara’s False Narrative
+++ New Contacts with the Coastal Commission on Monitoring Illegal “Parking Limitation” Sign Placements Against Vehicular Residents

   Cool Weather Continues… Dress warmly.

Holding off the Novato Camping Ban Crapola with another Union of the Homeless Injunction (thanks to Anthony Prince–now come to Santa Cruz and do likewise!).  Also encouraging–a Chico Injunction Victory and a new lawsuit against the Mountain View RV Parking Ban,
Still, the Santa Cruz Survival Camps in the Benchlands remain in the tender arms of a hostile City Manager and government. 
Watsonville’s Pajaro River Camp was attacked by Watsonville Police Thugs Early Today (7-21) destroying 15 homes.
Continue to Organize for pre-emptive pressure on the City with Resistance strategies and support for unhoused through Santa Cruz at these and other meetings: 
City-organized Benchlands meeting 6 PM 7-22 mid-Benchlands;              Santa Cruz Homeless Union Camp meeting 5 PM 7-23 Tables between Benchlands and Courthouse.

Tune in for ongoing reports netcasted on Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides 6 PM Thursdays on and 9:30 AM-3 PM Sundays.  Shows archived at   Likely updates from San Diego, Berkeley, Sausalito, San Rafael, and elsewhere.

Read encouraging words defending the Chico survival camps and unhoused folks at  (“The Chico Decision-Hope for the Homeless in Santa Cruz”).
Action Against Homes-on-Wheels Removal in Mountain View: