HUFF meets Thursday 5-20-21 at 11 AM at the Sub Rosa Courtyard, next to the Bike Church

HUFF is back to its regular meeting time and place–11 AM at the Sub Rosa Cafe Courtyard
Agenda Prospects  for Tomorrow’s  (5-20) Meeting

       +++ Badtimes in the Benchlands?  Rumors of Crowding and Sweeps.

      +++ Upcoming new CSSO Law at Shitty Council Next Tuesday 2nd Reading of the Camping Standards and Services Ordinance

      +++ Kayla Kumar’s Facebook Analysis of the “moderate” CSSO:

      +++ Where Did They Go?  Demolition Derby at Hiway 1 and Hiway 9

      +++ Yellow Tier Summer–What It Means for Folks Outside.       +++ Next Week–Moving the Meeting to the Benchlands?

      +++ AttorneyQuest–Lawseeker Laura in Search of a City-Wide Injunction
      +++ Latest SC Homeless Union News (?) Update

      +++ Susie O’Hara Sell Out?   Harvey West Agreement Camp Crammed Into the Benchlands?

      +++ Latest on the Camp Paradise Agreement Camp

      +++ Still Pending:  Coastal Commission Check-In and Monitoring Illegal “Parking Limitation” Sign Placements Against Vehicular Residents

      +++ Latest Local Laura’s Law (aka “Needles on Wheels”) Update

      +++ Gov Gruesome’s Greenbacks:  More Cash for the Povertycrats?

      +++ Public Records Status: All Too Quiet

      +++ News from Other Cities: Salinas, San Jose, Sausalito…  

      +++ Harassment Highlights Against Homeless Activists

      +++ Still Up…  Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Shows on the HUFF website– /

      Likely coffee and crunchables.   Predicted weather in the Sub Rosa Courtyard:  Sunny but Cool-Dress Warmly.