HUFF meets Thursday 5-6-21 at 11 AM at the Sub Rosa Courtyard, next to the Bike Church noon Thursday May 6th: New Deadline for the Upper San Lorenzo Camp Residents; May 11th: TOLO 3; May 13th: Court Hearing on Benchlands Fate

Agenda Prospects  for Tomorrow’s  (5-6) Meeting
       +++ Mother’s Day Tabling Downtown in Support of Homeless Mom Resistance ? 
      +++ San Lorenzo Benchlands Encampment Polling, and Organizational Contacts organizing Survival Camps Across the City
      +++ Preparation for the May 11th TOLO-3 Santa Cruz city Council Attack on the Poor  and the Federal Court’s May 13th Likely Eviction Deadline
      +++ Hooking up with Encampment Contacts Around the City
      +++ Coastal Commission Check-In and Monitoring Illegal “Parking Limitation” Sign Placements Against Vehicular Residents

      +++ Local Laura’s Law (aka “Needles on Wheels”) Working Group –Sending a Sharp Message to the Supes

      +++ Updates Wanted on the Felker St., Harvey West, and Hiway 1/9 Encampments

      +++ Public Records Updates on Bathrooms, Making Public Citizen Claims, and Organizing Public Postings

      +++ Chico and Carter (L.A.) Decision Updates  Chico: See Passarounds L.A.:   (12 Minutes into the audio file)

      +++ New Street Spirits and Street Sheets available at the meeting !   

      +++ Down Again, Up Again!  Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Shows on the HUFF website– /

      Likely coffee and crunchables.   Predicted weather in the Sub Rosa Courtyard:  Cool, but Sunny.