HUFF meets today (Wednesday 10-7) licking its wounds and shaking off depression from last Friday’s raid on Food Not Bombs and the nearby encampments

HUFF will be doing its weekly coffee-and-combustion get together today at 11 AM in the Sub Rosa Courtyard with the following likely top topics:

  • Lessons from the partially successful but ultimately failed defense of the Food Not Bombs Lot #27 Resistance last week
  • Updates on RV’s under attack:  Latest reports from the City Police assault on RV and vehicular home defenders Alicia Kuhl and others
  • Reports on the reduction or shutoff of resources to Motel COVID-threatened residents, the proposed County Camp closing, & other camp removals throughout the City
  • The proposed new “behind closed doors” Community Courts laying out reduced but real punishments to the “guilty” stripped of civil rights.
  • New Street Spirits and Street Sheets from the Bay Area for distribution
  • Unhoused Resistance and News Elsewhere in the State: from Santa Barbara to Berkeley to Salinas
  • Street Resistance to Rule by the City Manager, Upcoming City Council “Public Meetings”, and the Continuing Police State