HUFF quaffs coffee, courts controversy at S.C. City Hall Today Wednesday 9-9 11 AM after City Council Mayor Rejects Any Police Defunding for the Latest Council Agenda

HUFF Agenda Prospects  9-9-20 

          Summary of Recent Netcast Norse (“Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides”) Shows: 

+           9-6 Updates from Keith M., Serg K., Alicia K., Scott G., Backlot Ben, Merryweather Mike, Dreadeye, David Rovics, Sarah Iannarone & J.C. Orton at  

+++        9-3  Field Reports from Lighthouse Linda, Mock-me-Not Monica, Whip-the-Worst Wes, & Zero Hour Zav (names from R.N.) at  

O        Ongoing National Police Abuses Suggesting Fundamental Institutional Corruption 

^^^  Rochester, NY Top Cop Resignations & Nightly Protests in Spit-Hood Killing of Daniel Prude 9-8 

^^^  Salt Lake City, Utah Shooting of 13-year old unarmed autistic Linden Cameroun 9-4 

^^^  Portland, OR cops brutalized wheelchair protester Dustin Brandon 

^^^  San Leandro, CA cop Jason Fletcher  charged with felony manslaughter after shooting dead 33-year-old homeless Black man named Steven Taylor inside a Walmart on April 18 within a span of 40 seconds, because Taylor was trying to leave the store with a tent and a bat 

Local Police/Council Abuses Unanswered 

  • No action at City Council 9-8 on police defunding, nor report from the Mills-Cummings Cop Committee 
  • Signs and barriers still block parking at Swanton & Delaware Streets  
  • Ben’s vehicle unreturned; charges still pending against Keith, Jeremiah. 
  • SC Union vehicle still not returned or compensated for  
  • Property return hours (and SCPD closedown?) still absurdly limited  
  • Vendor Restrictions Resume in late September; Beach St. Vendor Ban in Force 
  • New Murders: L.A.Sheriff Killing of Black Bicyclist Monday, 29-year-old Dijon Kizzee, inn Westmont. 

 Agenda Notions: 

  • Street Reports: Downtown Bathroom Closures including City Hall bathroom shutdown Tuesday 
  • Looming Eviction Threat: Council[‘s Weak 10% Ceiling on Profiteering Delayed 
  • Forced Drugging—the Riess Protection Update: Corvalho’s interview 
  • Street Reports on Status of other encampments beyond the Benchlands,. Hiway 1, the Levee 
  • Activist Harassment—Cooper, Pirate, Jeremiah 
  • Flushing Out Homeless from the Pogonip: Bernal’s Expanded Enforcement Powers 
  • Health status & testing availability of folks in the group shelters, Project Roomkey Update 
  • Status of Direct Action Protest as part of BLM movement for unhoused outside residents 
  • The Upcoming S.C. Shitty Council Race: Alicia Kuhl’s Candidacy & Endorsements:  
  • Salinas and Seaside Reports: Wes White and Anton Hunter on Outside Life to the South 
  • Food Not Bombs and Union of the Homeless Reports 
  • St. Francis Soup Kitchen & Other Coffee Shop, Business Discrimination 
  • Olive and Delaware Street Status Updates 
  • September Street Spirit  newspapers Available 
  • Blake v. Grants Pass  Federal Court ruling 
  • Sacramento lawsuit outcome 
  • Impact of Fire Refugee Arrivals and Discriminatory Treatment of Local Homeless  
  • Norse’s Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Shows at .   

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