HUFF returns from its Fiery Exile today (Wed 9-2) in the Belly of the Beast: NEW MEETING LOCATION: City Hall Courtyard 11 AM Free Coffee Some Seating 809 Cedar St.

HUFF Agenda Prospects  9-2-20 

Continuing Local Police Abuses

  • No indication signs and barriers have been removed from Swanton & Delaware Streets driving away vehicular residents in violation of Coastal Commission regs. 
  • No return or recompense for S.C Homeless Union car, used to store clothing and food donations and also as shelter for unhoused guy, stolen two weeks ago from the FNB meal area.   
  • No reasonable property release hours at SCPD (6 hours per week only) with survival gear still being jacked (as in Jeremiah arrest of a week ago by Officer Jones near Subway.  
  • Downtown Vendor Restrictions Resume in late September; Beach St.. Vendor Ban in Force 
  • Threatened police move on FNB Meal Site ? 

        Agenda Notions: 

  • Street Reports: Downtown Bathroom Closures, Encampment Expansions 
  • Newsom Sells out the Tenants:  AB 1436 warped into AB 3088—the Coming Eviction Plague 
  • Any Protections Against Forced Drugging—the Riess Protection Update 
  • Street Reports on Status of other encampments beyond the Benchlands 
  • Benchlands contact, polling to check abusive evictions and restrictions 
  • Flushing Out Homeless in the Pogonip: Bernal’s Expanded Enforcement Powers 
  • Health status & testing availability of folks in the group shelters, Project Roomkey Update 
  • Exploring Joint Coalition Direct Actions to restore, expand services among uncaged outside residents 
  • Connection with Direct Action activists who restored open space down at the Post Office last Monday 
  • The Upcoming S.C. Shitty Council Race: Alicia Kuhl’s Candidacy & Endorsements.
  • Salinas and Seaside Reports: Wes White and Anton Hunter on Outside Life to the South 
  • Updates and Upcoming Protests from  BLM, DSA, and displaced tenants 
  • St. Francis Soup Kitchen Discrimination Status for Angel & other Alicia allies 
  • Olive and Delaware Street Status Updates 
  • September Street Spirit  newspaper coming soon. 
  • Blake v. Grants Pass  Federal Court ruling 
  • Sacramento lawsuit outcome 
  • Impact of Fire Refugee Arrivals and Discriminatory Treatment of Local Homeless  
  • Local Non-Response to 7 Bullets for Jacob Blake and subsequent attacks on BLM protests 
  • Norse’s Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Shows in Exile on Santa Cruz Indymedia:                
  • Latest Outrages Against Cooper & Russell, Ben and Pirate, Jeremiah

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