HUFF returns to the Sub Rosa Courtyard 11 AM Wednesday September 16 with the usual coffee and crankiness

HUFF Agenda Prospects  9-16-20 

Recent Netcast Norse (“Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides”) Shows: 

+++  9-10  Covers: Latest Street Spirit  article on no escape from Smoke for Those Outside– — No Tents for the S.F. Sidewalk Dwellers–8-18 Latinx Vendors at City Hall Part 1; J.C. Orton, Berkeley Samaritan, on the Bay Area Scene; Alica Kuhl Interview  

+++  9-13  Covers: Latinx Vendors at City Hall, Part 2; Speeches at Cynthia Mathews’ house;
Councilman-in-exile Chris Krohn interview; Angry Recall Politics and Retribution Along the Levee; national stories about Police Violence and Discrimination;  Much of the 9-2 HUFF meeting with updates from Nick, Fox, Alicia, Keith, & Robert; August interview with George Carvalho, SC Patient Advocate on 5150 Hearings.  More details at  at under 9/13

Recent Police/Council Abuses Unanswered 

  • Silence on Police Defunding; Signs still up at Swanton & Delaware; Homeless vehicles still held; SCPD property hours unchanged; vendor restrictions still on 

Agenda Notions for Discussion or Action: 

  • Bulletin Board Summary 
  • Alicia & Keith Reports 
  • Seaside, Watsonville, and Salinas Phone in Reports 
  • Street Reports: Downtown Bathroom Closures 
  • Looming Eviction Threat: Reports on Tenant Flight 
  • Forced Drugging—the Riess Protection Update: Carvalho’s interview;  
  • Street Reports on other encampments beyond the Benchlands,. Hiway 1, Levee 
  • Flushing Out Homeless from the Pogonip: Bernal’s Expanded Enforcement Powers 
  • Health status & testing availability of folks in the group shelters, Project Roomkey 
  • Direct Action Protest as part of BLM movement for unhoused outside residents 
  • The Upcoming S.C. Shitty Council Race: Alicia Kuhl’s Candidacy & Endorsements: 
  • Food Not Bombs and Union of the Homeless Reports 
  • St. Francis Soup Kitchen & Other Coffee Shop, Business Discrimination 
  • Olive and Delaware Street Status Updates 
  • Sacramento lawsuit outcome;  
  • Impact of Fire Refugee Arrivals & Discriminatory Treatment of Local Homeless  
  • Norse’s Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Shows at .