HUFF Taking a Summer Break: No Meeting Thursday 7-15; Check Out PUSH Film at Tabbycat 7-14 Tonight 7:30 PM; ; Benchlands Meeting 6 PM 7-14 mid-Benchlands; SC Homeless Union 5 PM 7-15 Tables between Courthouse & Benchlands

In the wake of the Chico Injunction Victory and a new lawsuit against the Mountain View RV Parking Ban, Santa Cruz Survival Camps in the Benchlands remain in the tender arms of a hostile City Manager and government. 
Continue to Organize for pre-emptive pressure on the City with Resistance strategies and support for unhoused through Santa Cruz at these and other meetings: 
PUSH Film master-of-ceremonied by Keith McHenry of Food Not Bombs 7:30 PM 7-14 Tabbycat Cafe  Union and Cedar;  Organize against the Dark Building Buy-Up.             

City-organized Benchlands meeting 6 PM 7-14 mid-Benchlands;              Santa Cruz Homeless Union Camp meeting 5 PM 7-15 Tables between Benchlands and Courthouse.

Tune in for ongoing reports netcasted on Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides 6 PM Thursdays on and 9:30 AM-3 PM Sundays.  Shows archived at   Likely updates from San Diego, Berkeley, Sausalito, San Rafael, and elsewhere.

Read encouraging words defending the Chico survival camps and unhoused folks at  (“The Chico Decision-Hope for the Homeless in Santa Cruz”).
Action Against Homes-on-Wheels Removal in Mountain View: