Likely Rain, so bring your umbrellas and rubbers, HUFF will be meeting as ever in the Sub Rosa Courtyard next to the Bike Church 11 AM Wednesday November 18th 703 Pacific

Agenda Prospects
Association of Faith Communities “Safe Parking Spaces” : Hope or Hokum?       
         Possible Spotty Updates on the Status of Psych Patients Rights to Refuse Medication in County Lock-Up
         S.C. Shitty Council’s Brush-Off of Oregon’s Cahootz Program at its Monday “Study Session”
         Barking Back at the Bullies: Volunter Cop Vigilantees Under Darkside Deborah Ellston–a Protest Pushback?
         Deadeye in the Dungeon–Another Vandweller Ripped from His Vehicular Home?          Benchlands Deadline?  And What of Everyone Else?  Updates…?
         NOMADettes Provide Helping Hands, Jumps, and Surveillance
         No Public Records Yet about the Myers-Coonerty Roughhewn Rumors: A “Special Place” for the Homeless Way Out of Town?
         Purple Punishment–the Significance of the Heightened COVID-19 Lockdown for Those Outside
         Providing Dining Areas The City Won’t–Food Not Bombs combines with Other Fab Foodsters to Do Thanksgiving
          ….With More Last-Minute Meanderings…

Under a canopy provided by Sub Rosa with outdoor heating provided by Joe Schultz           and the usual java and jawboning..