March to Restore Police-Stolen Property from Folks in Survival Encampments 1 PM Tuesday February 4


Louden Nelson Center (301 Center St. )1 PM Tues February 4th

March to Police Station (155 Center) to Reclaim Property Taken

Was Your Stuff Taken?   Let Us Know !

Last Thursday, a group of people, many of them elderly and disabled, were swept away from their sidewalk encampment next to Laurel Park (near London Nelson Center) on Washington.  Half a dozen cop cars and 10-15 cops and rangers took all their survival gear–clothing, blankets, tents.  Police arrested Cooper d’Angelo, jailing her for 10 hours.   Her “crime”, she said, was a small pile of marijuana ash left on the sidewalk by someone else. A arrested her for smoking (which she denies) “near a school.”  

 Early that week police repeatedly woke up Cooper her partner Russell.  They gave them 10 false citations for “impeding foot traffic”.  Cooper said they only took up half the sidewalk and a wheelchair could pass by. 

 Police seizures of homeless survival gear are ongoing in spite of the federal court’s Martin v. Boise decision and the City’s lack of Shelter.  If your property or person is threatened by police, rangers, security guards, or hostile NIMBY’s, Call 221-6310 to report police theft.  The Santa Cruz Homeless Union and other groups are planning a retaliatory lawsuit.  Police “property pick-up” hours are absurdly limited:  Tuesday (11 AM – 3 PM) (and Thursday 12:30 PM – 2:30 PM).

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