Marijuana Enforcement in Santa Cruz: What’s Going On?

NOTES BY NORSE:  Homeless people are on the front-lines of the “War on Marijuana’ which is actually a war on people, often poor people, who use it for medication and recreation.   Over the last few years marijuana arrests have been increasing nationwide.  It’s not clear what’s happening in Santa Cruz.  But with the hyped up Needlemania that’s the favorite sport and sellingpoint for right-wing politicians and activists, it’s important that those who want to put in a bid for sanity speak up.
                        The local Measure K Commission was created as part of a push to legalize marijuana statewide back in 2006.  It has historically been stacked with pro-police Commissioners or left without a quorum and its reports have essentially been rubberstamps of the police department’s own claims with no closer scrutiny.  It’s not likely tomorrow’s meeting will be much different.
                         However, Commissioner Coral Brune apparently has different ideas. Come tomorrow at 5:30 PM to City Hall and find out.
Title: Measure K Commission Meets
START DATE: Monday October 06
TIME: 5:30 PM – 6:30 PM
Location Details:
809 Center St. in City Council Chambers in Santa Cruz
Event Type: Meeting
Contact Name Robert Norse
Email Address RNORSE3 [at] HOTMAiL.COM
Phone Number 831-423-4833
Address 309 Cedar PMB 14B Santa Cruz CA 95060
The Measure K Commission was created by voter initiative in 2006 to ensure that the Santa Cruz Police Department make Enforcement of the Drug War laws against Marijuana the lowest priority for adults on public property not involved in driving a motor vehicle. 

A dirty deal done by the SCPD and City Attorney’s Office six months after the measure was voted in de-fanged the Measure, but it can still be a sounding board for those fighting to stop Marijuana Prohibition madness. 

Measure K Commissioner Coral Brune has asked members of the public to support her in uncovering more fully how the SCPD has been operating around marijuana enforcement. 

She also would like those who have been harassed, hassled, ticketed, arrested, or otherwise accosted by police around marijuana in the last year to come to the meeting to tell their story to the Commission. 

If you can’t make it, leave a message with contact information at 423-4833, and I”ll convey it to Coral. 

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