Thursday Meeting Day 2-18-21 at 11 AM at the Sub Rosa Courtyard, next to the Bike Church Hiway 1 Camp Sweep Warnings; Food Not Bombs Ordered to Move Its On-Site Storage

Food Not Bombs activist Keith McHenry has put out a call for assistance Thursday morning at 9 AM at Laurel and Front Streets

The new property owners of Lot #22 (where FNB serves food daily) is planning gentrification development downtown immediately.  They have demanded FNB move its storage container before noon.  Keith has put out a call for help to empty the container and transport its survival gear and supplies to other safe storage.

Go to for a fuller description.

Agenda Prospects  for Thursday’s Meeting

More Work on Contesting Vehicular Harassment Citations for Parking at Night and Parking for less than 72 hours

Taking Educational Protest to City Staff During Business Hours at the Workplace & Downtown

Rent “Relief” at the state and county level?  How Real?   

More Homework: Vehicular Tips: Fighting Tickets, Fines, and Uniformed Trolls 

Public Defender Tips:  Keeping Your PD/Attorney on Target and Clearing a Path for the Next Guy 

Talking Back to the Toughs: Rights Retention in an Era of Covid, Shelterlessness 

Peering Into Poverty Pimpery with the New “Enlightened” Funding 

Beyond San Lorenzo: Assessing Assistance for Those Beyond the Reach of the Injunction 

The Martin v. Boise Settlement–A Possible Update From Attorney Anthony Prince

 Public Records and Overdue Litigation Papers: Waiting for the City and Attorneys Pro and Con to Respond

  Demanding the D.A. Drop Dreadful Cases–Successful Strategies

  Pajaro River, Marysville and Salinas Updates by Phone

 Free Radio Falters On: Miss the HUFF meeting, Catch the Highlights at /

REMINDER:  HUFF to meet Thursdays 11 AM at the Sub Rosa not Wednesdays henceforth.