Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Sunday March 24, 2024 show has Town Clock talk and Flashbacks to July 14, 1994 and March 25, 2004

The Sunday March 24, 2024 show includes:

  • Joy Shindledecker and Reggie Meisler at SC Shitty Council Appealing the Staff’s Homeless-Hostile Oversized Vehicle Ordinance Permit
  • Many voices at the July 11, 1994 Flashback to a S.F. Food Not Bombs support rally at the Hall of Justice for Keith McHenry facing phony felony charges including support speeches by many alternate political party activists and McHenry himself decrying S.F. Mayor Frank Jordan’s Matrix campaign.
  • David Rovics: Hollywood Bread and the Unanswered 9-11 Questions: commentary and song
  • Streetstairway speaker Hector on harassment downtown and life in S.C. jail
  • Davis Gillis’s account of the last HUFF meeting

The Flashback to March 25, 2004 includes:

  • Co-Host & Guest Tom Beloit, Copwatch Santa Cruz rebooter; songs by Danielle Savage at various points
  • Beloit on Copwatch background from Berkeley:
  • Joe Williams on the 8th SAFE event with literature, soup, and music
  • Dan, the Native American flautist, on flak from residents above Pacific Avenue and musical interference from Uptown Jeans
  • Panhandler now, former Homeless Services Center worker, on wage-snatching on unsanitary conditions at hygiene bay.
  • Andrea Prichard of Berkeley Copwatch on police canines at Police Review Commission & “moderate” Councilmember Bates’ subservience 
  • Tad, co-founder of the Arcata Homeless Coalition, reviewing last year of protests with success in the necessity defense
  • Bathrobespierre on “Bad Cop” Baker in the videos-of-police-misconduct showing on Pacific Ave
  • Death of Ronald Bradley on March 23, 2004
  • Drew—Longtoothed Adviser to SC Food Not Bombs
  • Z (John Zolli) on 1980s vs. 2020s downtown: “All fuckin’ windows and glass and middle class shit”
  • Heidi—on better times for several of her previously unhoused friends​