The Thursday March 21, 2024 show is a Flashback to March 17, 2004 and features Cornish Quentin, attacked gathering signatures at Felton New Leaf, Andrea Prichard of Berkeley Copwatch, & Valerie C. on the street with Free Radio

The March 17, 2004 Flashback includes:

  • In-studio guest throughout Quinton Cornish, petition circulator, on a New Leaf Felton’s attempt to use police to drive him away
  • Phone interview with Berkeley Copwatch’s Andrew Prichard on the need for community action to stem police abuse
  • Marxist activist Steve Argue, also a sometime street newspaper vendor, on different strategies for dealing with police harassment
  • Visionsong Valerie and Merryweather Michael of FRSC interviewing live on Pacific Avenue: Lee’s “No Sidewalk Sitting ” Cite from CSO Pam Bechtel
  • Caller reports on police bust at Seabright and Logan at 11 PM
  • Mathew Hartog, arrested under the Move Along law, & Steve Argue discuss Judge Barton’s decision in Argue’s Move-Along case
  • Further FRSC table interviews: Richard Oxman, Hot Rod John Rapport, Bob Patton, Edward Levy, Kat, “Free”
  • Brief interview with Activist Attorney Paul Sanford on local (John Maurer) and national (Michael Newdow) “Eliminate ‘Under God’ from the Pledge of Allegiance”  [cuts off abruptly]