The Thursday March 14, 2024 Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides is a Flashback to 2004 and features the Robert Wagner Memorial, Cries against the Coast S.C. Hotel, and interviews galore + a further Flashback to Norse v. Rotkin in February 1994 on KSCO

The Thursday March 14, 2024 is a Flashback to December 5, 2004. 

It includes:

  •  Robert Wagner, dead in the cold while sleeping outside City Hall: intro and preliminary comments about City Council
  • [12-2]  Voices from the Wagner candlelight vigil outside City Hall: “Visionsong” Valerie Christy, “Big Drum” Brent Adams, Christina, Samm, 
  • Robert Etcetera’s on Robert Wagner and current controversies around the Vets Hall
  • The proposed Coast S.C. Hotel and its impact on the Clearview Court mobile home tenants; Ralph Meyberg’s commentary.
  • [11-26] Sidewalk Scofflaws outside Borders—Skateboarder Dan Hemmingway
  • [11-27] Musical (aka Merryweather] Mike
  • Iraq Occupation and Resistance: “Informed Comment” by Juan Cole; “Gunman Ambushed Bus of Civilians”, “How Pat Tillman Died”
  • Flashback within a Flashback: February 1994 debate: Bathrobespierre Robert Norse vs. Riot Act Mike Rotkin (current Mayor) on KSCO-AM
  • Music of undetermined origin—perhaps from​ Uncle Dennis’s “From the Cream to the Dregs”