5-20-18 9:30 AM-3 PM Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Silva Special! The rest of the Silva Memorials on 5-12 and 5-20, Contentious Updates from “Silver Tongued” Steve Pleich and “Big Drum” Brent Adams, and a Final Community TV Memory of David Silva

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  • Part 2 of the 5-12 Sub Rosa Silva Memorial
  • Brent Adams Delayed But Hopefully Not Dormant Homeless Storage Program
  • Silva Wakesters Plot an Organizing Coalition for Wednesday 11 AM 5-23 at the Sub Rosa
  • “Weather the Worst” Wes White of Salinas Reports on the D.C. Poor People’s Campaign and Salinas Doings
  • “Push Back” Pat Colby Cross-Examined by Bathrobespierre Robert Norse on a Sidewalk Sufferer near Safeway
  • Sweet Talkin’ Steve Pleich Updates Latest ACLU DoDoings on Homeless Issues at the “No Bathrooms for the Homeless” Louden Nelson Center meeting
  • Marco from Downtown Street Team and the River Street “Boneyard” Campground Reports In
  • Carolina on Life at the Paul Lee Loft (Homeless [Lack-of] Services Center)
  • March 1999 Community TV Exchange on City Council’s Sleeping Ban Sell-Out with David Silva Confronting Chris Krohn on Becky Johnson’s Club Cruz show
  • Plenty of other voices
  • 8 AM Santa Cruz County Courthouse at 701 Ocean St. Justice for Jeremy Saunders–2nd year UCSC student charged with a felony assault on a police officer after he was peacefully crossing the street among many other students during the AFSCME Strike on May 7th.  https://www.facebook.com/events/847008852166117/
  • City Council ducks the issues again with nothing new on its 2:30 PM afternoon session re: the June 30th closing of the River Street (Barbed Wire) Campground (Agenda Item #12) and no action from “Sidestepping” Sandy Brown on the promised Silva Memorial Day, and the silence of betrayal on police and staff anti-homeless antics.
  • 11 AM Wednesday 5-23 Silva Survivors may meet at the Sub Rosa Cafe to plan a broader activist Coalition around local human rights issues.

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