Flashback to the Destruction of the Occupy Santa Cruz Campground in December 2011 and then-Mayor Don Lane Response 9:30 AM Sunday April 23 at 101.3 FM


Also updates from Freedom Sleep-Out #93 last week, rumors of plans to add cops at and remove benches from the library, plus tidbits and numnums of all sorts.  Tune in and settle in.  Then check out the Survival Sleeps who gather nightly at City Hall.

Streams at freakradio.org.  Archives at http://radiolibre.org/brb/brb170423.mp3 .

Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Sunday 4-16-17 9:30 AM -2:30 PM 101.3 FM Indivisible Activists Meets the Survival

With lots of interviews from the last week including Leafblowing Away the Homeless To Prepare for the Post Office Fence,  Remembering Michael Mears at his Memorial 4-11, as well as updates, groans, and other goodies in this five-hour show.


Show also archives at http://radiolibre.org/brb/brb170416.mp3  if you missed it.

Support Survival Sleeping Tonight at City Hall; Catch the Stream of Bathrobespiere’s Broadsides 6 PM at freakradio.org

Free Radio Santa Cruz was briefly back on the air, but its transmitter died.  Until it’s repaired, we’re back on the stream at freakradio.org.

The latest Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides show will stream as usual tonight 6-8 PM and archive  http://radiolibre.org/brb/brb170406.mp3 .

The show reviews homeless input from the last week outside City Hall and on Pacific Avenue including Jenny, Tyler, Enrique, Esteban, Shannon, Cat Man, Shadowside Steve, Julie, Renegade Robert B., and others

with the usual pungent groans from host Robert Norse.


Blasting at you on the Internet at 6 PM Today at freakradio.org: Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Slings More Freedom Sleeper Frenzy, Kernals from Katzenjammer Keith McHenry, and the ever-acrid commentary of Bathrobespierre Robert

Tales of tenacity and terror from the now-nightly Survival Sleepers.  Come on down to offer blankets, food, audio and video support, and just a hearty hello!

Check for prior shows at http://radiolibre.org/brb/ ,  Some descriptions available at http://www.huffsantacruz.org/brb-descriptions.html .

Hear today’s show again at http://radiolibre.org/brb/brb170330.mp3.

Coming At You This Sunday Morning: Norse Interviews Councilwoman Sandy Brown at freakradio.org


Also on tap:  Upcoming City Council meeting to include claims against the City by Sean Arlt’s relatives at 1:30 PM Tuesday 3-28,  Poetry by Berkeley Street Poet Julia Vinograd, the anti-Cannabis Conspiracy moves of the Supervisors–an Interview with Pat Malo, Interviews galore with the nightly Dreamseekers at City Hall struggling to reclaim the right to sleep (while resisting uniformed thugs with nightsticks, tasers, and ticketbooks ordering them out into the rain)…It’s a long one–5+ hours.  Have coffee and a soft chair ready.



Archives at http://radiolibre.org/brb/brb170326.mp3 in case you missed it.

LONG Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Show Today (3-19) on the stream of Free Radio

Today’s show goes from 9:30 AM to 3 PM at freakradio.org.   Archives at http://radiolibre.org/brb/brb170319.mp3 in case you missed it.


Updates on the latest attacks on Food Not Bombs and the Post Office Fence Decorations, Cornerstone Carol Denney on Berkeley Bamboozing; Part 2 of Keith McHenry’s 3-10 “Activists Awake” Presentation, J.C. Orton on the Inner Workings of the Shelter System,  and First-They-Came-For-The-Homeless Activists, Freedom SleepOut #88, and (whew) yet more.  Listen if you dare.


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