Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides 5-21-23 show netcasts & archives at 9:30 AM featuring Santa Cruz Cares v. NIMBY neighbors against the OVO+ Deportation Interviews at Hiway 9 and an 11-20-2011 Flashback with Occupy Santa Cruz at its high point

The May 21, 2023 show includes:  

  • Delaware and Shaeffer 5-20 street meeting of De Anza neighbors, anti-RV activists, and Santa Cruz Cares speakers debating next steps with Oversized Vehicle Ordinance (OVO) now enforceable law in Santa Cruz, banning nighttime parking of all vehicles 20′ or over midnight to 5 a.m. citywide (much of conversation hard to hear due to wind factor) & Bathrobespierre Robert’s commentary (much more audible)
  • Darius M. gives a brief report on the Louden Nelson meeting with Mayor Keeley, Evan Morrison, and some of the public on homelessness with no mention of the Camping ordinances.
  • “Step-Up” Steve Conover’s emergency phone calls on behalf of his partner Michele, then sleeping on the sidewalk in front of Coral St.
  • [5-11] Interviews with Shorty, Hungry Hobo, & other evictees at the soon-to-be-demolished Sycamore Grove campsites. [hard to hear]
  • [5-15] Follow up interviews with Shorty, HH, and others.
  • Robert Woodleaf  vs. Hurricane Helga on “homeless clutter”
  • 6 Cops, a CSO, and a Canine Cop to “encourage” folks to move on, with Jeremy Leonard tight-lipped about specific vacancies.
  • More assorted interviews from the refugees:  Brandon, William Carpenter

The November 20th, 2011 Flashback includes:

  • [11-9] Prunedale resident, Monterey radio broadcaster, and Occupy Santa Cruz supporter Denica de Foy on Occupy Santa Cruz (OSC) horizontal “leadership” and Move On‘s  & local Union’s conservative co-opting.
  • [11-9] Dennis OCC portapotty/bathroom shutdown by City authorities
  • Bathrobespierre’s account of repressive response at City Council; Dennis’s attempt to get mellow meetings with Sheriff Wowak
  • “Scope it Out” Scott Graham on the De Sal controversy
  • [11-10]  Structures & RVs at or near OSC, then removed by deputies; 11-19 OSC report from Mike, with protest 30 out of 40 days
  • Reports from outside Santa Cruz
  • Attorney Ed Frey on legal challenges against OSC.
  • Criticism of Union lack of support for OSC; “Lighthouse” Linda Lemaster and “Soothsinger” Coral Brune on Disruption at OSC meetings

Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Thursday May 18 2023 show is a Flashback to March 17, 2000 which includes many voices from the sidewalk Spring Campaign to End the Sleeping Ban

The May 18 2023 show, a Flashback from March 17, 2000, includes:

  • [obscure Phil Ochs songs throughout]
  • Interviews at the Pacific Ave. Table to end the Sleeping Ban uniting renters, tourists, and outside sleepers: Rent-strapped 7-year Broker’s Assistant; Former Sentinel employee Tammy Blake on recent beatings of homeless; Vandwellers Mike and Jim—from landlord to hotel to friend’s house to van; Low-profile car-dweller, David Donald (aka “Whatever”) under-the-bridge sleeper; Sabrina on police hassles.
  • Update on Sleeping Ban Initiative, David Silva’s fast crusade against the Ban, planned protests at City Council, massive boycott/CD downtown.
  • Single young woman on frequent police pressure; FRSC’s “Janitor” also a Post office report from passing worker; James on threats in his van. 
  • Paddy Long on rent doublings; gone-by-done places needed. 
  • “Sit in the rain” orders to Spring Mobilization to End the Sleeping Ban at Del Mar overhang.
  • David L.–poem on war against all.
  • Traveler Fouche; former Beach Flats resident against hard drugs; clean-up squatter Craig Fletcher ticketed, handcuffed, evicted.
  • [3-9] Anthony Perez, Chris Murkley, vanster, surfer, and worker—”get out of town” signs on his vehicle.
  • David from Stockton, Santa Barbara, and here; David 2, privileged street local, on police tolerance of anti-homeless violence.
  • Melissa is upset on indifference towards Camping Ban.
  • Jerry Henry, street preacher, on jailing for standing at a bus stop, taking dog & car.
  • Bathrobespierre & Scope-it-Out Scott on the last big City Council meeting—Dolphin Lee acquisition votes in Closed Session and Redevelopment Agency.
  • Visiting Presidential candidate (2000) Ralph Nader ducks a Sleeping Ban question—in spite of the state Green Party position opposing it.

Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides 5-14-23 show netcasts & arcjhives features Reggie Meisler on the Coastal Commission’s bad OVO decision plus a 12-22-2011 Flashback contrasting two Cities–Fresno & Santa Cruz after Occupy Wall Street

The May 14. 2023 Show includes:

  • [More David Rovics musical history songs from May at website throughout]
  • An hour-long interview with Santa Cruz Cares activist Reggie Meisler on his experience at the May Coastal Commission hearing that upheld the repressive Oversized Vehicle Ordinance [OVO] and its implications and likely future.
  • Police close the Hiway 9 area to Free Radio Santa Cruz media with threats while driving away the destitute from the area near San Lorenzo river: Interviews with Officer Lima, J.P. Freeman, Jose, & John S., friends arrive to help folks move
  • Shelter information requests rejected by social workers Jeremy Leonard and Monica
  • Reviewing the Hiway 9 campsite demolition with Eagle, Robert Woodleaf, and Kazoo at the Food Not Bombs meal
  • Castaway Keith reports on $1000 tickets to Food Not Bombs in Houston, TX for serving outside the public library, City Council’s diversion of $250,000 for campsite removal; 

The December 22, 2011 Flashback features:

  • Critique of Mayor Don Lane’s sorrowful comments about the homeless while remaining silent on the destruction of scores of tents in the San Lorenzo homeless encampment adjacent to the Occupy Santa Cruz movement.
  • Bill Simon of Fresno, Spokesman for the John Steinbeck Homeless Advocacy Committee, speaking to a crowd of activists and sympathizers with the Faith community at a Press Conference in front of City Hall denouncing police destruction of homeless campsites. See ( Faith Groups Speak Out About the Homeless Issue)  affecting 200-500 homeless folks displaced. 
  • Bathrobespierre Robert contrasts Fresno events with recent similar anti-homeless actions in Santa Cruz.
  • George of Occupy Santa Cruz, video-poster on the protests downtown involving Tent Monsters, the Hamburgler, and massive police following.
  • Mayor Don Lane’s ostensibly pro-homeless speech, which Bathrobespierre Robert and Beggarbacker Becky Johnson, City Council watcher since 1995 contrast Lane’s words with his actions.

Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Thursday May 11 2023 show is a Flashback to May 19, 2011 which features Paul Bernadino, San Francisco anti-fascist researcher concerned with suppressed history

Today’s show is a Flashback to May 19, 2011 including:

  • Activist and archivist Paul Bernadino as both main guest and co-host
  • P.B. on the Assassination of San Francisco gay activist/supervisor Harvey Milk in 1978;  CIA Involvement in the mass murders in Jonestown the same year
  • P.B. on Alternate History of the Fall of the Twin Towers in New York City in 2001; P.B. on Mother Teresa’s Sisters of Charity in San Francisco denying homeless access to toilets
  • P.B. on Memorial to street Samaritan Pat Carey
  • Discussion of the Orlando, Florida anti-homeless meals law and arrest of Food Not Bombs activists there
  • Memories of martial law during the Rodney King protests in San Francisco May 1992
  • Keith McHenry calls in from Orlando, reporting on grass roots church support for the “illegal” meals
  • Drum Circle Dave on the Wednesday Percussion on the Levee
  • Joe Pace & Bathrobespierre Robert on the Sunday “Slutwalk” “don’t assault women because they’re scantily dressed”
  • Lighthouse Linda on Bathrobespierre’s Slutty comments; Paul the Slut weighs in
  • Officer Forbes and two officers threatening sitters next to Ronee Currie’s Food Line [Sunday 5-15]

Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides 5-7-23 show features Peggy Lee Kennedy on the OVO fight and Gaea on the Capitola Mobile Home Struggle plus a November 13, 2011 Flashback to the early powerful days of the Occupy Santa Cruz movement

The May 7, 2023 Show includes:

  • Venice activist Peggy Lee Kennedy on the upcoming Coastal Commission hearing on Santa Cruz’s nasty OVO (Oversized Vehicle Ordinance)
  • Guardian Gaea on the struggle of her Capitola Mobile Home Park fighting exorbitant rent raises
  • Standfast Steve Conover on his struggle to retain communication with his beloved Michelle
  • Troubleshooter Troy on suspicious official behavior around a recent hit-and-slip-away auto incident
  • Description (quiet audio) of the following Flashback

The November 13, 2011 Flashback includes:

  • A debate on the dangers of Smart Meters between Bob Lamonica and Josh Hart
  • Occupy Santa Cruz Resistance to the Sheriff’s Department’s Removal of Tents with Lamonica, Kelly, Ayla, and Abbie Brown commenting
  • More audio on tent removal resistance and debate at the Courthouse from Journeyman Carpenter Caleb, Becky Johnson, 
  • Casey Livinggood & Michael on Sheriff’s blocking public support/witnessing of the Tent Removal
  • Denica DeLafoy, Monterey County broadcaster and supporter calling en route
  • Occupy Tucson, Trent, Atlanta, & Others Wall Street solidarity demonstrations throughout the nation

To hear the complete uncut flashback as well as prior and following FRSC shows, go to

Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Thursday May 4, 2023 show is a Flashback to August 18, 2011

The May 4, 2023 show is a Flashback to August 18, 2011

  • Kent and Leslie, Berkeley visitors, observers of the appeal of the Sinister Sidewalk Singsong conviction of Bathrobespierre Robert and Blindbear R. Facer discuss it in the hallway afterwards.
  • Battling Bob Lamonica on his recent call for the ACLU to oppose local harassment under the Move-Along law, the City Council repressive local laws, ticketing Wes Modes for the New Years parade, and other issues. 
  • Slippery Steve Pleich notes full ACLU board to look at Smart meters, downtown panhandling ordinance, a settlement in the Norse v. Santa Cruz “Heil Krohn!” lawsuit & other issues.  Pleich ducks questions about Homeless [Lack of] Services Center boss Monica Martinez honesty regarding the Sleeping Ban and shelter availability. 
  • Lighthouse Linda Lemaster, Beggarbacker Becky Johnson, Pleich, Gary Johnson, and Coral Brune join the courthouse hallway discussion.
  • [7-21-11] Tracy Pellet, flutist, on more hostile street performing environment
  • Smart meter opponents on Trader Jo’s banning solicitors, petitioners, and leafleteers on the whole parking lot.
  • Father Joel Miller on fund shortage for Red Church meals and his Cynthia Matthews-initiated trial for “offensive language”.

Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Sunday April 30 2023 show is a Flashback to April 25, 2002 featuring Attorney-Activist Catnip Kate Wells, Vehicular resident Kathy, and further flashbacks to September 1996

The April 30, 2023 Show includes:

  • [Selections throughout from Charlie King and Karen Brandow’s On the Journey album]
  • Cooper D’Angelo’s recent adventures bounced about from sidewalk to jail
  • Town Clock memorial for Joe Pace, joyful Food Not Bombs [FNB] worker: Father Joel Miller, Keith McHenry, Eagle, Drew, Joe’s brother Nick, Michael (Joe’s neighbor). Cooper, Lyrical I (Isaac Collins), Lion, Kathleen, Elise, Dreadeye, Moon, a WAMM compatriot, Kat, & others.
  • Lion’s additional experiences with Joe Pace and the police.
  • Ex-fire commisioner attacking Doty and other homeless people with bear spray?–S.F. Chronicle stories
  • Interview with Beggarbacker Becky Johnson on the fate of the Lapis Road refugees and scandalous doings pharmaceutical and political.
  • [4-29] Christina, year long FNB volunteer on freedom-snatching globalist dividers; Joe on limits of low income housing;  Seamore Slab joins in
  • Mutual Aid from spokesperson on its emergency supplies to folks outside, aka Romsey Pastensia
  • Roughhouse Raconteur Robert “the Hero” Woodlief on the Armory and the Overlook; Eagle on the Food Overflow; Suzanne on Coral St. deficiencies
  • Lawwatcher Laura on the Mental Health Advisory Committee’s latest plenty-of-nothing at the 4-27 HUFF meeting; further slices from the HUFFmeet with “Trekin’ On” Troy, “Kindred Heart” Kevin, & others
  • Katzenjammer Keith’s Prospects of Escalating Peril for the Poor interview

The April 25, 2002 Flashback includes:

  • Hank Milstein announcing May Day Festival and Picnic with music, poetry, and political chat
  • Bathrobespierre on Councilmember Scott Kennedy’s checkered political agenda and the Doug Rand Memorial (Town Clock) Peace Park
  • Ed Howes, homeless brother of infamous police Officer Jim Howes, reads Paul Franklin’s letter defending Food Not Bombs against the Metro S.C.’s Nuz columnist
  • Catnip Kate Wells, activist attorney, on the Norse v. Krohn  “Heil Krohn!” mock-Nazi salute lawsuit; calls for a funded City Attorney rather than the Barisone-Condotti firm;
  • Becky Johnson calls for audience declarations regarding City Council procedural abuses against the public as the “Heil Krohn!” lawsuit moves forward.
  • Councilmember Reilly’s January 1999 letter denouncing the Sleeping Ban contrasted with her in-power homeless powers since joining the City Council
  • Kathy Greygo, Homes on Wheels member, held in jail with Officers Seiley and Headley arresting her for sleeping warrants, while parked in the “forbidden” Harvey West area,  also taking her dogs, 
  • Flashback within this flashback:  Back to Mayor Rotkin’s Regime:    +++ Sept 11, 1996  Mark Bryan Watson presents Dominican hospital document from Aug 22nd confirming his fractured wrist, broken in jail by two deputies.  +++ Sept 11, 1996  Mama Tama,%20Pregnancy%20&%20Homelessness.jpg  +++ Sept 11, 1996  Confrontation with Sgt. Andy Crain threatening to seize food at homeless protest at City Hall under Rotkin’s Injunction
  • April 2002 Cosmic Chris reports merchant/police crackdown on Pacific Avenue musicians

Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Thursday April 27 2023 show is a Flashback to November 25, 2004 featuring many Thanksgiving interviews and a talk with Peter Marin of Santa Barbara

Thursday’s April 27th 2023 show is a Flashback to November 25, 2004. 

It includes: 

  • Introduction to/Summary of the Flashback
  • Vet’s Hall Thanksgiving Line seeing “End the Sleeping Ban” Initiative sign-up’s:  Gene—Sleeping Ban criminal, Victoria Camp–Paradise Vet, Maria—on streets 3 years ranger busted campsite, Kim from Arcata,  Chuck on Arcata’s Endeavor Shelter, Anonymous “Things Have to Change” guy, Brent busted under a bridge—not “out of sight, out of mind” enough, Mark ousted from Felton, 
  • Vet’s Hall Meal Chat:  Susan Durst, Becky Johnson, Preacher Mike, and Scope-it-Out Scott
  • Mitchell Cohen: 
  • Santa Barbara poet, activist, and authority-watcher Peter Marin on Shelter Resistance from the “Service Providers” rather than the Politicians; details of the struggle in organizing homeless resistance among supporters.
  • Valerie Christy on guitar, playing a song she composed, “Continuum”

HUFFtime again: Huddle by the Roadside Hiway 9 at 10 a.m. 4-27 Thursday turnout just outside City limits, then retire to the Sub Rosa at 10:45 am for coffee and kvetching

Likely HUFF Meeting Prospects 4-27-23   

  ++++  Priorities, Pass-Arounds, Placeholder Runthrough & Hand-Outs    

  ++++  Street reports; Encampment and Shelter Updates  

  ++++  Special City Council 4-25 Review : if anyone went.  

  ++++  Pre-Meeting Stop the Sweeps Check-In on Hiway 9 Report: Following Up  

  ++++  Reggie Meisler phone appeal and prep for OVO hearing before Coastal Commission 

  ++++  Capitola RV tenants struggle:  possible phone update.  

  ++++  Keith McHenry phone call and update: 

  ++++  Updating Laws: AB 920 (prohibiting discrimination based on housing status); SB 31 making it illegal to sit, lie, or camp within 1000′ 0f a daycare center, library, park or school; SB 47 expanding definition of “gravely disabled’ in Lanterman Petris (LPS) Act, making it easier to enforce involuntary and forced drugging and other “treatments”. 

  ++++  Petition management to restore Portapotty & Hand washing stations in dispersed survival camps; Ratner/Huffaker Visit.  Follow-Up?  

  ++++  Possible Reports from Pacific, Oakland, and S.F. on stopping sweeps 

  ++++  Felton’s FEMA Relief?  Helga’s Possible Update

  ++++  Friday 3-5 PM April 28th Record Clearance Workshop 420 May Ave—also PD Clean Slate Day 

  ++++  Robbie Powelson: San Rafael Campcrushing Crackdown;  Camp Integrity Victory 

  ++++  Remembering Joe Pace of Food Not Bombs:  go to Latest Show either 4-27 or 4-30

  ++++   Friday 3-5 PM April 28th Record Clearance Workshop 420 May Ave—also PD Clean Slate Day 

  ++++  Placeholder Reminders: Free Guide Verification, Mad Power Monitoring, Ticket Documenting, Board of Stupes, City’s Token Vehicular Lodging Programs. 

City of Santa Cruz – 831-420-5010   Mayor Fred Keeley  –  City Manager Matt Huffaker –  Public Defender: 454-5300 

Police Chief  Bernie Escalante – 

Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Sunday April 23 2023 show features Outdoor & Shelter Survivors plus a May 16, 1993 Flashback to KSCO’s Homeless Panel Pillory where activists Imler, Edwards, Norse, & Grey Face Hostile Questioning…plus bon 2-2-2000 BB

The Sunday April 23, 2023 Show includes:

  • [David Rovics songs throughout, old and new]
  • Curbwarmer Caricaturist Mike Quinn at his Pacific Avenue lamppost lamenting the lack of employment for the disabled
  • Hiway 9 survival campsters Barbara Ann Delman on her former abusive landlord
  • Unhoused refugee Jack Ryan Rodriguez on avoiding the hard lessons of the Benchlands.
  • Tales of Police Shootings
  • Parking Lot Punishment & other thoughts—report by Outdoors Alice
  • Food not Bombs stalwart Eagle on Joe Pace and the St. Francis Soup Kitchen
  • “Whip the Wicked” Wes White on Bright Spots and Bad Times in Salinas
  • Song and Story of Khader Adnan, Palestinian hunger striker
  • Racerunner Reggie Meisler’s Appeal to the Community to Unite Behind to Crush the anti-homeless OVO Law this May
  • Santa Cruz City Council Update for the 4-25 Meeting: Blank check for military equipment for the police?
  • More voices from Foot Not Bombs: Gary the Healer, Drew on Joe Pace, and Greg on the Armory—pluses and minuses.

Flashback to KSCO’s Saturday Special on May 16, 1992 featuring Jane Imler, Fred Grey, Robert Norse, Linda Edwards, and moderator Michael Zwerling.  The four in-studio guests field call-in questions from a homeless-hostile audience.

Flashback to the February 2, 2000 Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides show with co-host James “No Nonsense” Nay including:

  • Mark More, former victim of trollbusters, snitched by Calvary Episcopal Church for walking on their property and arrested on warrants for peepee in public. open container, and bikecrime.
  • In-studio guest.Frank “Pathblazer” Pucelik, former Citizens Committee for the Homeless  “Safe Haven” advocate, hired in May ’96 to be Director of the Community House project
  • “Dead On” David Silva on the Rolling Fast & Taking the Sleeping Ban away from the Police to force Council to Create Safe Sleeping Zones
  • Pucelik on the tangled trail he trod for advocating campgrounds.
  • The elderly Mary Kourie evicted; James Nay’s account of the eviction.
  • Skidmark Bob’s run-in with Sgt. Butchie Baker collecting shopping carts from homeless folks 
  • Mary Kourie’s phone account of the aftermath of the eviction.