Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Sunday April 7 2024 show has Town Clock Talk from Dylan,Waleed, Stefanie, Eric, and Heath + a Flashback to 6-19-16 with CPS critics Amy & Mike Maloyer

The Sunday April 7 show includes: 

  • 3-31-24: Dylan on her view of the problems and virtues of Phil Kramer’s Housing Matters, Brent Adams Warming Wednesdays and other local services and shelters
  • 3-31-24: Waleed, outside the last 3-4 years, on police chasing away and ticketing the shelterless.
  • 3-31-24:  Drew, Food Not Bombs food coordinator, serious and sunny report on Serpent’s Kiss theft and shutdown and much else
  • 4-4-24:  Assorted growls and historical lookbacks from outspoken street speaker John Zolli
  • 4-4-24:  Steffanie on being stonewalled at getting a Housing voucher
  • 4-4-24:  Eric S. on bad times at The Evolving Door in Scotts Valley
  • 4-4-24:  Drew denounces the dark vision of a many-storied monstrosity supplanting the Town Clock and surrounding businesses.

The Flashback to June 19, 2016 has:

  • 4-13-16  Interview with Amy Malloy on her claim against the City for SCPD smashing her car windows
  • Andy Carcello, Paul Lee loft resident, critiques Housing Matters breaking disabled people through harsh conditions and rules in a letter.
  • 4-14-16  Jacob, Food Not Bombs server at Freedom SleepOut #49 and UCSC Trailer Park alumnus, on UCSC’s push to oust them.
  • “Backstory” Brent Adams on 4th of July blues, Sanctuary Camp imperatives, and the Salinas homeless report
  • 4-14-16 “Merryweather” Mike ticketed for violating the “blue box” rules on Pacific Avenue
  • Bathrobespierre reports on his hearing to require police to release videos before Paul Marigouge-ah
  • Robert La Dawn, Keith McHenry, and Abbi Samuels at Freedom SleepOut #49 interviewing 1st Alarm Security Shannon Stanger.
  • Abbi on women in medical trouble in Santa Cruz County jail.
  • “Catnip” Kate Wells, erstwhile people’s lawyer, gives some do-it-yourself tips, the costs and the complexities.
  • Conversation with Sgt. John Bush; Shannon from CopWatch San Jose; local copwatcher Pensky
  • “Cornerstone” Carol Denney on Berkeley cops clearing Elm St. encampment

The Thursday April 4, 2024 show is a Flashback to February 1, 2007 and features co-host a discussion of the troubled scene in Los Angeles from CAN activist Becky Davidson, Venice civil liberties street fighter Peggy Lee Kennedy, and more

The April 4, 2024 Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides show is a Flashback to February 1, 2007.  It includes:

  • Venice/Santa Monica. activist Peggy Lee Kennedy on the Jones decision striking down L.A.’s “no sitting, sleeping, or lying” law as applied to street vendors and performers creating reserved spaces distributed in a Tuesday lottery.
  • Mettlesome Matt Marx, Cabrillo student, supporting the “Remonstrate with Ryan” protest in front of his Bookshop Santa Cruz to follow the federal Jones decision overturning the Sleeping sections of the Camping Ban.
  • Phil Bear, Beach Flats resident, on Boardwalk Tidelands ownership dispute
  • Becky Dennison of the L.A. Community Action Network (LACAN) on continuing arrests under the “no sleeping’ law in spite of the Jones decision.
  • D.A. Bob Lee’s prosecution of Roger Mench and other County Medical Marijuana Distribution Center and Soft Shoe towards City Clubs—S.C. Sentinel’s blackout of this strange disparity

Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Sunday March 31, 2024 show is largely a complete audio of the 3-28 HUFF meeting and a Flashback to November 21, 2004 with attorney Kate Wells, Pastor Wiley Drake, Andrea Tishler, and others

The Sunday March 31st show includes: 

  • [throughout the show] Bobbin’s Home Remedy for Nuclear War and Other Ailments musical selections,885129&hl=en
  • Democratic Socialists  activist Reggie Meisler addresses the HUFF meeting with updates on the struggle for those whose vehicles are their homes.
  • The rest of two hours with the HUFFsters: Water issues for survival campers and housed pedestrians alike; Troy’s updates; 
  • 3-30 “Stop the Bombing and the Occupation” rally for a boycott of Starbucks, and McDonalds.
  • Drew on hate propaganda on-line against the homeless via stories about the mild cholera virus
  • Deona Everitt on hard times and happy times at the Harvey West survival encampments.

The Flashback to November 21, 2004 includes: 

  • Sleeping Ban Politics in Santa Cruz; Dennis the Bard on Arcata
  • “Catnip” Kate Wells on the outspoken baseball helmeted biker Richard Quigley fighting censorship at KSCO under pressure from Sherriff Mark Tracy.
  • Pastor Wiley Drake takes time out from reactionary Republican roaring in D.C. to update his fight to protect the homeless in Buena Park, CA
  • Hairdresser Ray on the darker side of merchant problems downtown
  • SAFE (Society for Artistic Freedom and Expression) —Rangers raging on Truk
  • Meanest Cities report from Daily Cal
  • Narc news on Brazil’s Decriminalization
  • Andrea Tishler of Compassion Flower Inn  on Oakland’s tax and regulate marijuana legalization law

The Thursday March 28, 2024 show is a Flashback to April 4, 2004 and features co-host Anita Henri, lots of callers, and a discussion of the proposed HUFF n PUFF medical marijuana giveaway also including Louis La Fortune and Paul Mercelin Sampson

The Thursday March 28, 2004 show is a Flashback to April 4, 2004 and includes:

  • Illusion of “Progressive Santa Cruz” on Medical Marijuana Accessibility and Tolerance
  • Street Interviews in front of New Leaf: Paul Keeper on RV probs, Marilyn of Alfresco’s—being a merchant in the combat zone
  • Anita Henry co-hosts: the 2004 Golden Oldies from Metro Santa Cruz
  • Marijuana Doc Tod Mikuriya under attack by Medical Board
  • Frank Morales with a Teaser on the Squatter Movement
  • “Dangerous” John Thielking on the Golden Oldies, Mumia Abu Jamal
  • Willits Medicinal Marijuana Patients Union Activist Calls In
  • Ray the Hairguy on the dangers of over-regulating marijuana
  • Dirtfarmer Doug McGraff on Growing Grass
  • The Path to War in Iraq– UK’s Tony Blair’s Culpability
  • Does “Under God” belong in the Pledge of Allegiance?  Michael Newdow goes to the Supreme Court;  local attorney Paul Sanford comments
  • The Dirtclod and Kay Chronicles—on street vending, homeless folks, and community members fighting back against Business Improvement District thuggery
  • Louis La Fortune, Peace activist, Green Party candidate, and union supporter versus Paul Mercelin Sampson on the Safeway strike

Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Sunday March 24, 2024 show has Town Clock talk and Flashbacks to July 14, 1994 and March 25, 2004

The Sunday March 24, 2024 show includes:

  • Joy Shindledecker and Reggie Meisler at SC Shitty Council Appealing the Staff’s Homeless-Hostile Oversized Vehicle Ordinance Permit
  • Many voices at the July 11, 1994 Flashback to a S.F. Food Not Bombs support rally at the Hall of Justice for Keith McHenry facing phony felony charges including support speeches by many alternate political party activists and McHenry himself decrying S.F. Mayor Frank Jordan’s Matrix campaign.
  • David Rovics: Hollywood Bread and the Unanswered 9-11 Questions: commentary and song
  • Streetstairway speaker Hector on harassment downtown and life in S.C. jail
  • Davis Gillis’s account of the last HUFF meeting

The Flashback to March 25, 2004 includes:

  • Co-Host & Guest Tom Beloit, Copwatch Santa Cruz rebooter; songs by Danielle Savage at various points
  • Beloit on Copwatch background from Berkeley:
  • Joe Williams on the 8th SAFE event with literature, soup, and music
  • Dan, the Native American flautist, on flak from residents above Pacific Avenue and musical interference from Uptown Jeans
  • Panhandler now, former Homeless Services Center worker, on wage-snatching on unsanitary conditions at hygiene bay.
  • Andrea Prichard of Berkeley Copwatch on police canines at Police Review Commission & “moderate” Councilmember Bates’ subservience 
  • Tad, co-founder of the Arcata Homeless Coalition, reviewing last year of protests with success in the necessity defense
  • Bathrobespierre on “Bad Cop” Baker in the videos-of-police-misconduct showing on Pacific Ave
  • Death of Ronald Bradley on March 23, 2004
  • Drew—Longtoothed Adviser to SC Food Not Bombs
  • Z (John Zolli) on 1980s vs. 2020s downtown: “All fuckin’ windows and glass and middle class shit”
  • Heidi—on better times for several of her previously unhoused friends​

The Thursday March 21, 2024 show is a Flashback to March 17, 2004 and features Cornish Quentin, attacked gathering signatures at Felton New Leaf, Andrea Prichard of Berkeley Copwatch, & Valerie C. on the street with Free Radio

The March 17, 2004 Flashback includes:

  • In-studio guest throughout Quinton Cornish, petition circulator, on a New Leaf Felton’s attempt to use police to drive him away
  • Phone interview with Berkeley Copwatch’s Andrew Prichard on the need for community action to stem police abuse
  • Marxist activist Steve Argue, also a sometime street newspaper vendor, on different strategies for dealing with police harassment
  • Visionsong Valerie and Merryweather Michael of FRSC interviewing live on Pacific Avenue: Lee’s “No Sidewalk Sitting ” Cite from CSO Pam Bechtel
  • Caller reports on police bust at Seabright and Logan at 11 PM
  • Mathew Hartog, arrested under the Move Along law, & Steve Argue discuss Judge Barton’s decision in Argue’s Move-Along case
  • Further FRSC table interviews: Richard Oxman, Hot Rod John Rapport, Bob Patton, Edward Levy, Kat, “Free”
  • Brief interview with Activist Attorney Paul Sanford on local (John Maurer) and national (Michael Newdow) “Eliminate ‘Under God’ from the Pledge of Allegiance”  [cuts off abruptly]

Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Sunday March 17, 2024 show has vigorous updates from the FNB fellowship: Cooper, Kazoo, Westside Bob, Fred, Drew, Mel, from Harvey West’s Diona + more & a Flashback to May 23, 2004

The Sunday March 17, 2024 Show includes:

  • Songs throughout from David Rovics 2001 CD Living in These Times
  • Food Not Bombs activist Keith McHenry reports on the 3-16 Sacramento “Arts, Human Rights, and Tiny Homes” protest
  • Salinas homeless activist Wes White gives a longer Sacramento report and an update on threatened Monterey County attacks on those outside.
  • Bathrobespierre’s Harvey West camp impressions and a chat with unhoused residents Mr. Shannon and Deona Everitt on life there and in prior shelters
  • Farmer’s Market Interviews—Jody Set, songster and busker from Summoning Circle & Adlee the Initiative petitioner
  • Mellowman Mel Nunez gives the positives and negatives of existing social services for those outside.
  • Determination Drew praises the latest once-a-month donations from the visiting Power and Excell charity.
  • Jaya praises Endurance Activism from local RCNV-celebrated figures
  • “Blast Back” Bill on cop seizures that have impacted him.
  • “Cage me Not” Cooper gives a reluctant but powerful refugee report.

The Flashback to May 23, 2004 includes: 

  • “Catnip” Kate Wells denounces City Council’s restriction of Medical Marijuana dispensaries in collaboration with WAMM
  • “Freesingin'” Phil Free on the continuing fight for free sales of CD by street musicians
  • Orly Jones on his struggle to get his 4 kids back, and the use of marijuana use to take them away from the homeless
  • Jim of San Jose’s “Area 420” supporting Homeless United for Friendship & Freedom’s  HUFF-and-PUFF campaign.
  • Compassion Flower Inn proprietor Andrea Tishler urging “no” to the Board of Supervisor’s CAMP appropriation

The Thursday March 14, 2024 Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides is a Flashback to 2004 and features the Robert Wagner Memorial, Cries against the Coast S.C. Hotel, and interviews galore + a further Flashback to Norse v. Rotkin in February 1994 on KSCO

The Thursday March 14, 2024 is a Flashback to December 5, 2004. 

It includes:

  •  Robert Wagner, dead in the cold while sleeping outside City Hall: intro and preliminary comments about City Council
  • [12-2]  Voices from the Wagner candlelight vigil outside City Hall: “Visionsong” Valerie Christy, “Big Drum” Brent Adams, Christina, Samm, 
  • Robert Etcetera’s on Robert Wagner and current controversies around the Vets Hall
  • The proposed Coast S.C. Hotel and its impact on the Clearview Court mobile home tenants; Ralph Meyberg’s commentary.
  • [11-26] Sidewalk Scofflaws outside Borders—Skateboarder Dan Hemmingway
  • [11-27] Musical (aka Merryweather] Mike
  • Iraq Occupation and Resistance: “Informed Comment” by Juan Cole; “Gunman Ambushed Bus of Civilians”, “How Pat Tillman Died”
  • Flashback within a Flashback: February 1994 debate: Bathrobespierre Robert Norse vs. Riot Act Mike Rotkin (current Mayor) on KSCO-AM
  • Music of undetermined origin—perhaps from​ Uncle Dennis’s “From the Cream to the Dregs”

Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Sunday March 10, 2024 show has conversations with Cornerstone Carol Denney and Street Chess Club Founder Jesse in Berkeley, Reggie Meisler on the fight back against the City’s homeless RV ban, and a 1994 Flashback

The Sunday March 10, 2024 show includes:

Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Thursday March 7, 2024 show is a a Flashback to December 27, 1998 featuring co-host James Nay, with Pat K., Bob L., Roxanne A., David S, Becky J., Phil F., Linda L. on Karen Gillette, Homeless Community Services Center boss

The Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides March 7, 2024 show is a flashback to December 27, 1998.  It includes:

  • co-host and guest James “No Nonsense” Nay describes terminal times as a Monitor Manager at the Winter Armory Shelter
  • Caller Bob Lamonica discuss “relocation camps” for the homeless with Nay
  • Caller Phil Free scorches Homeless Community Resource Center [HCRC]’ manager Karen Gillette
  • Nay and a caller review the positives of the HCRC and Karen Gillette
  • Beggarbacker Becky Johnson, Lighthouse Linda Lemaster, & Sidewalk Shannon Cassamo review the[10-21-98] Mid-County Post article heralding Gillette as “The Advocate”; caller  Pat Kittle calls in with criticisms of homeless litter.
  • Lamonica and Rough-Tongue Roxanne Acquistepache on “the Magnet effect” if human rights are to be restored for the homeless
  • Dead-On David Silva on the upcoming “Don’t Sleep Tonight” Night and the Initiative to End the Sleeping Ban
  • Nay gives more details of his HCRC job and firing