6 PM tonight 10-19-17 on 101.3 FM, streams at freakradio.org: Rubbertramp Wildfire on RV Struggle; KSCO Listeners Savage Keith McHenry; Slyshoes Sandra Loranger Serves Food and Time + Updates on Upcoming Meetings

The full KSCO show from 10-14-17 is available on the KSCO.com website at http://ksco.com/shows/39370-the-saturday-special .

Read about the struggles of the SWAP (Soup Without a Permit) Team in 1988-1989 and the early days of HUFF (Homeless United for Friendship and Freedom) at http://www.huffsantacruz.org/streetsheet/street-shit-sheet-31-50%20(September%2020th,%201988%20-%20February%2015th,%201989).pdf  (stories on soup-snatching by police begin on p.54, issue #43 of the Street Shit Sheet.

Check out the proposed Commercial Cannabis Regulations going before tonight’s Planning Commission at http://scsire.cityofsantacruz.com/sirepub_plancom/mtgviewer.aspx?meetid=935&doctype=AGENDA .  (Meeting starts at 7 PM).

Current street reports and messages can be left at 831-423-4833.

The show streams on freakradio.org and archives at http://radiolibre.org/brb/brb171019.mp3

For info on how to act and not just listen while gentrification galooses take over the City and drive out the poor, go to the Food Not Bombs and  Freedom Sleeper facebook pages.  Or directly to the Main Post Office, or where ever the struggle is raging..

Volunteer to support the Homeless struggling against Dehumanization at 575-330-3377 or by meeting with folks on the street.