6 PM tonight 11-30-17 on 101.3 FM, streams at freakradio.org: Silver-Tongued Steve Pleich’s Santa Cruz Update…Voices from San Lorenzo Park…Attorney Osha Neuman’s Berkeley Update

Tonight on FRSC–as advertised:  Pleich, Neuman, and the San Lorenzo Park voices.

Next Sunday on the 12-3 9:30 AM2:30 PM show:  Thanksgiving Day Interviews at the Vet’s Hall…Excerpts from the 11-20 Public Safety (ha ha!) Committee meeting where the San Lorenzo Campground was reportedly a strong topic of discussion…a looksee at the special upcoming City Council meeting where Rent Freeze/Rent Control will be on the agenda and maybe on deck if the Community’s voice and will are strong enough…an in-depth interview with Fresno activist Michael Rhodes…and some dusty trusty flashbacks.

Current street reports and messages can be left at 831-423-4833.

The show streams on freakradio.org and archives at http://radiolibre.org/brb/brb171130.mp3

For info on how to act and not just listen while gentrification galooshes take over the City and drive out the poor, go to the Food Not Bombs and  Freedom Sleeper facebook pages.  For more direct information on the folks sleeping at night in San Lorenzo Park, talk with them directly there.

Google “Santa Cruz Tenants” to make contact with local tenants rights groups.

Volunteer to support the Homeless struggling against Dehumanization at 575-330-3377 or by meeting with folks on the street.

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