7-1-18 9:30 AM-3 PM Bathroom Balderdash! Thursday’s “Cut the Crap–Open the Crappers!” City Hall Protest; Badinage with “Locked Bathrooms:” Bernal; and Street Talk Downtown

Streams at freakradio.org and broadcasts at 101.3 FM 

  • Thursday’s Rage and Revelry at City Hall Demanding Open Bathrooms 
  • Parking the New Library in a 5-Level Parking lot?
  • Voices for Rent Control at City Council
  • Conscience & Action Activists Grill City Manager Martin Bernal (Part 1)
  • Vernacular Voices from Downtown
  • Endless Commentary from Bathrobespierre Robert Norse

This show archives July 2nd or 3rd, 2018 at http://www.huffsantacruz.org/Lostshows.html

Leave your comments and questions at 831-423-4833.  

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