A Few Gloomy Updates Followed by a Flashback show from August 30, 2009 with many feisty voices from the street and the usual caustic Norse commentary: 101.3 FM Sunday mornning 9:30 AM 7-02-17

A few current reports, and a 3 hour flashback featuring part of Mark Kurlansky’s History of a Dangerous Idea (Non-Violence), Bench Defenders on Pacific, the Woes of Officer Winston, Protest Poll Outside Lulu Carpenter’s, and many voices from the past including Right-as-Rain Ronee Curry, Streetscanner Satori, Moonstruck Mike, Animal, Luther, Renegade Ray, Joker, Robert Blindbear, and the Caw of the Crow.

Contact 575-770-3377 to volunteer different kinds of support for the Survival Sleepers now dispersed to the Post Office and points along Pacific Avenue, to back July 4th  Freedom SleepOut #104, and defend Food Not Bombs locally against Health Department attacks.


Leave your comments and questions at the same number.   $500 reward for any info leading to Free Radio’s finding a 10′ X 10′  studio space to rent in Santa Cruz.

The complete version of the August 30, 2009 flashback can be found at http://www.radiolibre.org/brb/brb090830.mp3 .


Today’s show also streams at www.freakradio.organd archives at http://radiolibre.org/brb/brb170702.mp3