A Modest Proposal on Homelessness

NORSE’S NOTES:  Dark humor is not dead.  The following letter, sent to the Sentinel for publication, was also released to me to distribute as I see fit.   I haven’t heard anything back from the Public Hysteria Citizen’s Task Farce which met last night at the SCPD station to get a “briefing” from the uniformed harassers of the homeless, but Steve Schnarr’s letter brings a little (bleak) comic relief…A Modest Proposal for Solving Homelessness in Santa Cruz>

> Thanks for your ongoing coverage of the scourge of homelessness in
> Santa Cruz, and to our iron-fisted City Council for making their best
> effort to drive the undesirables out of town. Unfortunately, despite
> their laudable attempts to cut all services and send Santa Cruz’
> finest to kick every illegal camper down the road, so far the
> transients don’t seem to be leaving.
> We can’t just keep multiplying forever, and expecting to feed every
> degenerate who puts out their hand. I submit therefore a Modest
> Proposal for solving the problem: instead of feeding the homeless, we
> start eating them! I know, some of your readers may find the idea
> unpalatable, but I can assure you that even older homebums soften up
> nicely cooked slowly into a stew, or baked into a casserole.
> One way or another, it’s clear that our Council has yet to solve the
> Homeless Question. The time for band-aid ideas like criminalizing
> sleeping and begging is over; what we need is a Final Solution to the
> problem. If the liberal vegetarian crowd won’t let us implement my
> proposal of Reverse Soup Kitchens, at least can we agree to fence off
> an area of the Pogonip for them to free range in?
> For our safety, for our kids, it’s time to take our town back!
> Warmly,
> Steve Schnaar