Another HUFFmeet Thursday 2-10-22 at the Sub Rosa Courtyard 703 Pacific next to the Bike Church

Weather likely warmer.  Bring your own Agenda items Drinks sparce but slurpable.  We shoot for a short meeting, but seldom hit the target.

Partial Agenda Prospects  for Thursday’s (2-10-22) Homeless United for Friendship & Freedom Meeting  

  Likely Agenda Topics  (likely short meeting ending at noon)

      +++  Likely predictable Updates from Keith of FNB

      +++  DSA quarterly meeting update

      +++  SCPD abuse rubberstamped at Shitty Council Meeting in Rhonda Reyna case

      +++  Lawyertalk from Santa Barbara: Russell Brown Interview Coming up on Sunday

      +++  OVO (Oversized Vehicle Ordinance) Appeal  Updates:  ACLU and Disability Rights Appeal; Reggie Meisler interview tonight

      +++  Campground Updates: Tune in to Norse’s net show archived at

      +++  Strategies for Mobilizing Community Response to Future Sweeps & CSSO/OVO, Closed Area Enforcement 

      +++  1220 River St. and Outside Armory Shelters: Updates?    

      +++  Camp Paradise and Hells Trail Sweeps & Benchlands Crowding?    Marina and Pajaro refugee Updates: Wes White call.  

      +++  Public Safety Committee Report: Archived Thursday or Sunday 

      +++  Update on Omicron Hysteria and the Vaccine Mandates?  Impact on Homeless Folks. Becky on the Canada Convoy

      +++Available after 6 PM: Thursday’s Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Show on archives: also likely from 6-8 PM on 

      +++  Perhaps a report “Powerhouse” Robbie Powelson’s Reports from Sausalito, Novato, San Rafael, & Petaluma;  Follow Sausalito (Marin County) Homeless Union at Camp Cormorant on Facebook 

      +++  Postponed yet another week cause of printing delays: the February Street Spirits and Street Sheets 


      +++  Defending Vehicular Residents: Mobilizing Disability Resistance—the Amended OVO code and the usual Move It-or-Lose-It Nonsense 

      +++  Psychiatric Seizures–Confronting the Authorities, Advocate, and Commission–MHCAN criticism discussion

      +++  Withheld Data from Homeless Report from 2019 & Looking for the Remainder     Evidence It Impacts if not Targets Homeless Folks?