In the Wake of Growing Nightly Protest at City Hall, HUFF meets 11 AM Sub Rosa Cafe Wednesday August 19th at 703 Pacific

HUFF Agenda Prospects:   Recruiting Survival Sleeper Monitors at Upcoming Events,  A Strategy for the Last City Council Meeting in April, Prep for the May 1st and May 9th Protests, Nightly Survival Sleeping Prospects–Expanding the Survival Sanctuary Support Network,  PhoneBank Outreach to Allied Organizations, Update on the Handicraft Ban Downtown…and cups of coffee to numb the frustration.

HUFFster Huddle 11 AM Sub Rosa Wednesday April 12–Winter Shelter Dump and Freedom Sleeper Surge–What are the Next Steps?

HUFF Agenda Prospects:   Wednesday 5:30 PM meeting with Freedom Sleeper Old-Timers at Rio Mobile Home Park–What’s Next?…Winds of War–Resuscitating the Vigil Against Two Wars–the Homeless at Home and the Homeless Abroad…Another Jolly City Council Meeting Ahead?…Freedom Sleeper Max Green In Court: 10 AM 4-11–a Report (Join the Freedom Sleepers to Support Max)…and whatever goes down with the free coffee…

HUFF Resolutions for City Council Action

HUFF voted today to support a number of resolutions.

  1. In light of the critical emergency shelter situation, HUFF supports homeless people seeking shelter at the Natural Bridges State Park picnic area.
  2. Since the Winter Shelter Program is due to end Friday April 7th leaving 110 people out on the streets with no bus service to areas where homeless people keep their belongings (including their survival gear), we urge the City Manager to make city resources for shelter services available for the weekend until bus service resumes on Monday.
  3. In the absence of any responsible City action ameliorating the crisis, we encourage people to join those at City Hall during the night for safety and during the day for community to seek the repeal of the sleeping ban and the establishment of safe places to sleep.

HUFF convenes without ceremony 11 AM Wednesday 4-5-17 at the Sub Rosa Cafe as ever

HUFF Agenda Stuff:  Getting records on Post Office Hankey Pankey in the War Against the Food Not Bombs feedings; using Public Records to Make City Council come clean; Anti-War Horizons: Reviving the Vigil Against Two Wars; Valet Homeless Storage Services on Pacific–a Frolic into the Future; Searching for the Missing Pendulum Downtown; Facing the Flood of Folks Emerging from the Winter Shelter Program In a City With a Sleeping Ban; Those Rumors About New Laws against Sleeping on the City Hall Sidewalk–Creative Fiction or Disturbed Delusion?…and whatever else goes down with the Free Coffee.

Touch Down and Check In with HUFF 11 AM 3-22 at the ever-ready Sub Rosa Cafe

Topics to chew on while downing tea or coffee include: the now daily sleep-out at City Hall, Peering at the Latest Public Records Info (or lack thereof) on the ICE/DHS correspondence with “the dog ate the e-mails” Police Chief Kevin Vogel, A Response to the Selective Enforcement Antics of Rangers and Cops on Pacific Avenue in the “Performance Pens”, and more !

Checking in with HUFF: 11 AM Sub Rosa 3-15 As usual

Following up on Freedom SleepOut #88 and the latest City Clownsel meeting where police-compliant Council members passed a toothless Sanctuary Ordinance that doesn’t provide real protection for undocumented aliens and certainly not local homeless refugees…HUFFsters may be preparing for a Meeting Tonight 7 PM at the SCPD “Community Room” to look over replacements for Chief Vogel who’s retiring in June, gearing up to meet with Council member Sandy Brown this Friday to get some answers to questions raised for her and Council member Krohn, prepping for a City-supported  “Homeless Info” get-together Saturday morning, SCPD’s latest attack on the Freedom Sleepers–refusing to return stolen survival gear; and more !    We got the coffee, you bring the courage !

HUFF may pour over Public Records at 11 AM tomorrow Sub Rosa Cafe Wednesday 3-8-17

Having received copies of all claim forms received by the City in the last year, HUFF will scour the records for signs of fishy police and bureaucratic bumbusting as well as consider complaints about shitty shower facilities for those outside and rumors of police overkill on Pacific Avenue Tuesday 3 PM in front of New Leaf.  Not to mention devising new schemes of holding police agencies and the city manager accountable for enabling the threat of mounting terrorism against both documented and undocumented homeless community.

We got coffee.  We even have cups.   If the Sub Rosa is closed, check for a sign on the front gate as to our new (temporarly) location.


HUFF hangs tough, huddling around the Sub Rosa coffeepot 11 AM Wednesday March 1, 2017

On the agenda:  Report on last night’s SCPD-managed City Council meeting and Mayor Chase’s Muzzling of Krohn in the Weak Sanctuary Ordinance Deliberation; Flood Follies and Landlord Retaliation; Updates from MHCAN, Free Radio Santa Cruz, and other activistas, Reported Hypothermia Death of Mistfall Mike, Tenttheft in Cold Weather–the Lethal Shenanagans of the Parks and Rec Rangers; Lobo’s Plan to Save Survival Gear With HUFF stencils; and more….

HUFF again, though the winds blow wet and cold Wednesday 2-22 11 AM Sub Rosa

Come HUFF again with the oldtimers, brooding on the results of the D.A.’s “investigation” of the Sean Arlt killing released last week; new reports of Rangers ripping tents, seizing homeless property, and driving away campers from their survival encampments; and the usual Norse round-up of scattered tales of terror, heroism, and mindless bureaucracy.   Coffee as usual will be perking nearby.