HUFF on Summer Leave Wednesday 7-12; Next Meeting Will Likely be 7-19 11 AM at the Sub Rosa Cafe

Given that the Sub Rosa, where HUFF regularly meets, is likely to be closed tomorrow and the folks leading the HUFF meeting have had to cancel, HUFF is postponing its next meeting until Wednesday the 19th.

If folks have any reports of on-going harassment of poor folks outside, around City Council and the Library, downtown or elsewhere, please forward accounts to Robert Norse at .

We are advised that Food Not Bombs activist Keith McHenry was hospitalized Sunday night, preventing the regular Tuesday night FNB support of Freedom SleepOut #105. After back surgery, he’s recovering.

In other cities attacks on outdoor Food Servers continue: .

And roaring out of Eureka comes the our new Chief of Police Andrew Mills,  whose active disdain and dehumanization policy towards the homeless there is baldly revealed in his June memo proposing clear-them-away solutions:

To catch Brent Adams’ Coalition on Homeless meeting, he hooks-up with notoriously anti-homeless Councilmember Richelle Niroyan, Library Worker Maile McGrew-Frede, San Jose activist Robert Aguirre in a two-hour presentation devoid of protest suggestions  videoed by Salinas activist Wes White at .

HUFF Huddles Again: Surveying the Prospects after a Successful 99th Freedom Sleep-Out Last Night Free coffee and chat at 703 Pacific, Sub Rosa, Next to the Bike Church 11 AM Today 5-31

Agenda Options:      More support work for the Survival Sleepers that may return to City Hall tonight;  PR Support for Freedom Sleep-Out #100 Coming Up Tuesday June 6th; Parsing the City Manager’s Public Records Response to the New Anti-First Amendment Signs at City Hall; Salinas Victory–Activist Wes White Opens a Chinatown Shelter; Exposing The Phony “Resources” List Being Given Out by Police to Justify Creating More Homeless Refugees Downtown; and coffee to boot!    Activist “Laughing” Laura Tucker will be maintaining humorous order at the meeting.

Let there be HUfF! Tomorrow Wednesday 5-17 11 AM-12:30 PM at the Sub Rosa Cafe

On the Agenda:   City Manager Martin Bernal’s Latest Sign Posting Survival Sleeper Smashdown…Report Back from the Mayor Chase Meeting…Upcoming May 23rd Protest Plans (Sleeping Bags in City Council?)…the Marysville and Salinas Reports…Further Support for the Survival Sleepers at City Hall…plus whatever walks in the door…

Mini-HUFF Touchdown Today at 11 AM, Sub Rosa Cafe 703 Pacific Wednesday 5-10-17

HUFF taskmaster Bathrobespierre Robert Norse will be warming a chair at the Sub Rosa from 11 to 11:30, and perhaps longer if folks show.  Up for analysis, discussion, and possible action: Shfiting the Focus from City Council to the City Staff in the Survival Sleepers/Freedom Sleepers struggle, the positive outcome of the May 9 March and Sleep-Out #96; HUFF’s Vacation Plans; Monday’s Meeting with the Mayor–Creative Options; and some coffee quaffing–if you come before the Robe departs.   If you missed the meeting, or came late, call at 423-4833 for an update!

As the weather and the repression heats up, stay cool with the HUFFsters 11 AM 5-3 Wednesday at the Sub Rosa Cafe next to the Bike Church

Update yourself on the Santa Cruz Anti-Homeless Laws, Making a Public Records Act Request, Schemes for Daytime Pressure Against the Sleeping Ban Bureaucrats at City Hall, Updates on the S.C. Tenant Rights Struggle, Plans for the May 9 SleepOut at City Hall and the Confrontation with City Council on Tuesday Night…plus other neat stuff. 

Freedom Sleeper Maxwell Green has a Pre-Trial Tomorrow at 10 AM in Dept. 2.  He is charged with interfering with an officer and may be pressed to accept a stay-away order and fine or go to trial with the risk of 30 days in jail and a fine.  Max is a long-time supporter and sleeper who is also a worker with the Monterey Union of the Homeless.   Supporters are encouraged to attend his court hearing in solidarity.

Standing Up for the Survival Sleepers: HUFF chatters early: 10:30 AM to 1 PM Subrosa Cafe Today Wednesday 4-26-17

HUFFsters will discuss the growing Survival Encampment at City Hall, the upcoming Community Control of Police Forum this Weekend, and Prep for the May 9th “No Penalty for Poverty” March on City Hall.  Also on the horizon:  Combating New Anti-Homeless Ranger Rousts, Surveillance on the Levee, and the latest SCPD attack on Survival Tents on the Sidewalk.   Coffee for the curious, the cranky, and the concerned alike. 

For those who want to help challenge landlord greed, check out 1612 Mission St. at noon today, when the Santa Cruz Tenants Organizing Committee [SCTOC] will be protesting and holding an auction after the landlord there advertised a room at one price, then threw applicants into a bidding war.  Suggested bids: Soul-crushing student Debt, Three People sleeping in My Living Room, etc.   The SCTOC meets again next Monday 6 PM 501 Mission St. 

In the Wake of Growing Nightly Protest at City Hall, HUFF meets 11 AM Sub Rosa Cafe Wednesday August 19th at 703 Pacific

HUFF Agenda Prospects:   Recruiting Survival Sleeper Monitors at Upcoming Events,  A Strategy for the Last City Council Meeting in April, Prep for the May 1st and May 9th Protests, Nightly Survival Sleeping Prospects–Expanding the Survival Sanctuary Support Network,  PhoneBank Outreach to Allied Organizations, Update on the Handicraft Ban Downtown…and cups of coffee to numb the frustration.

HUFFster Huddle 11 AM Sub Rosa Wednesday April 12–Winter Shelter Dump and Freedom Sleeper Surge–What are the Next Steps?

HUFF Agenda Prospects:   Wednesday 5:30 PM meeting with Freedom Sleeper Old-Timers at Rio Mobile Home Park–What’s Next?…Winds of War–Resuscitating the Vigil Against Two Wars–the Homeless at Home and the Homeless Abroad…Another Jolly City Council Meeting Ahead?…Freedom Sleeper Max Green In Court: 10 AM 4-11–a Report (Join the Freedom Sleepers to Support Max)…and whatever goes down with the free coffee…