Another Week of HUFF Hiatus -NO 11 AM Meeting Today: But Stuff You Can Do to Fight City Council’s New Expanded Anti-Homeless Stay-Away Law and Other Nasty Attacks on the Poor

Though not meeting today, HUFF members and sympathizers are still focused on a resisting the War Against the Poor here.

The new 72-hour police power that allows cops to issue Stay-Away orders if they give out any infractions from all City parks, passed City Council 4-1 yesterday.  This is a direct attack on poor people who try to sleep in the Pogonip or San Lorenzo Park at night–since there is no alternate shelter (and when it available to a few was often regarded as wretched, bug-ridden, unsafe, and dehumanizing).  Assistant City Manager Scott Collins deceptively evaded when asked whether there were any shelter spaces to send those driven from the parks citing future collaboration with the Count

The law was dressed up in “protect the children” clothing as a “School Safety” measure.  No statistics citing specific problems with children were even attached to the staff report.

It will receive a final vote in two weeks to become law (which is fairly certain), but e-mail to the City Council can still be sent to them putting opposition on record at . If passed again in two weeks, he current 24-hour Stay-Away period will triple.

+++ write a letter to the Sentinel, Good Times, facebook friends, or other on-line media denouncing the ordinance.  See my story at (“Toxic Expansion of Stay-Away Ordinance Hits Council Agenda Today”) for a brief description.   Note: the law triples the length of cop-created Stay-Away time, but not the actual fine as misstated in my article.

+++ Sign up to support homeless resistance by using the “appeal process” hastily added on to the Stay-Away law which requires the City Manager’s office to hear an appeal before the Stay-Away is implemented.  Contact Food Not Bombs at its Saturday, Sunday, and Tuesday meals.  Or go to their facebook page at Santa Cruz Food Not Bombs.  Leave a message there for HUFF or contact HUFF by phone at 831-423-4833.


+++ Restrictive library regulations (check out that fine print as you enter the downtown branch),  Let us know how library staff and “Security Thugs” are treating you.

+++  Ongoing crackdown on MHCAN at a Public Hearing to “revoke and replace” their special unit permit according to Board of Director mouthpiece Steve Pleich.  He and his Board, after many months of hush-hush secrecy and “don’t rock the boat” tactics are calling for public letters and calls to the Planning Department in advance of their September 7th hearing.  Attention: Mike Ferry, City of Santa Cruz, Dept. of Planning and Community Development, 809 Center St., Room 206, S.C. 95060  or e-mail at Let us know of any new police or vigilante actions against MHCAN or their clients, as well as any internal “crackdown” regs within MHCAN itself.

+++ Support Food Not Bombs and others who continue to support the Freedom Sleeper Tuesday Night protest at City Hall (there again for the 110th time, with food and frolic, though not necessarily any overnight sleepers).  Contact them if you wish to support their lawsuit against Santa Cruz’s anti-homeless laws (575-770-3377), to volunteer for FNB meal prep or protest support, or to provide information about ongoing harassment at San Lorenzo Park and elsewhere.  

+++ Keep informed on the struggles in other cities.  In Marina, RV dwellers are organizing with support from Monterey County Homeless Union activists Becky Johnson and Wes Modes.  See story at  For updated accounts from real people impacted  by the crackdown, check out

+++ If you wish to work on Public Records, or learn about other HUFF projects, contact Bathrobespierre Robert of HUFF at 831-423-4833.